2017 Fall Orientation for All Schools 
Monday, August 21, 2017
William C. Levin Hall, Second Floor Foyer
UTMB Galveston Campus

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Texas Medical Branch! Every part of our campus community—the faculty, the staff, and your fellow students— is looking forward to welcoming you to campus. Please see below for helpful information about the orientation process.

What you need to know:

Orientation will happen in two parts, part one is the morning All Schools Fall Orientation Program and part two is the afternoon School Specific Orientation.

Part One: First all students will attend the welcome and orientation program All Schools Fall Orientation Program. Students will check in with their school in the second floor foyer of William C. Levin Hall (1006 Market Street, Galveston, Texas, 77555) between 7:00 am and 8:00 am on Monday, August 21. Please plan accordingly, all students should be checked in and seated in the auditorium by 8:00 am. Levin Hall can be found on the UTMB campus map, click here

2017 UTMB All School Fall Orientation Schedule

Part Two: After attending the All Schools Fall Orientation Program students will transition into their School Specific Orientations and follow their schedule for the rest of the week and orientation process. Please check back soon for school specific schedules - schedules will become available as the date gets closer.

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

School of Health Professions

School of Medicine

School of Nursing

BSN Schedule

RN BSN Schedule

DNP Schedule

Parking for Orientation Week

Parking will be available at the FREE Shuttle lot which is located at Seawall Boulevard and Holiday Drive (directly north of the Walgreens). Please note that this lot has motion censor entry arms - your car will need to pull up the arms to be let in and no badge is required. From there the shuttle buses will transport students to campus where they should exit the shuttle at the Levin Hall drop off. Students utilizing the Shuttle Lot should allow for extra time to reach campus. The buses will run in the afternoon to return students to their vehicles. 


Some curbside parking on campus is reserved for students who have purchased a student parking hang tag. Parking in the neighborhoods surrounding the UTMB Campus, as well as some spots located on city streets within campus, are restricted via the City of Galveston regulations. Regardless of where you park, please take notice of the signs whether posted by UTMB or the City of Galveston to avoid any frustration. 

You can find out more about securing a parking spot on campus prior to orientation by visiting the links below: 

UTMB Parking Facilities Home Page
Student Parking Page

It is highly recommended that students who do not have a parking option secured utilize the FREE Shuttle Lot. For more parking information, please contact the Parking Office at (409) 266-PARK.

Orientation Shuttle Schedule
The shuttles will run continuously from the Free Shuttle Lot to the Levin Hall Drop Off/Pick Up spot during the dates and times below. This schedule will become available as the date gets closer, please check back soon.

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