Handbook for Registered Student Organizations

The Handbook for Registered Student Organizations will not only provide you with the process and requirements to register a student organization, but will also provide guidelines and policies for officers to follow as well as helpful tips to manage the organization.

Click here to access the handbook.

Risk Management Powerpoint

For a quick overview of the rules and regulations covered in the Risk Management Trainings, student organizations can view the following pdf version of the training powerpoint:

Click here to access the Risk Management powerpoint.

Opening a Bank Account for your Student Organization

We recommend you apply for an Employer Identification Number before opening a bank account for your organization. Use the EIN Walkthrough below for more information.

Click here to access the EIN Walkthrough.

Apply for SGA Event or Travel Funding

SGA offers funding for event and travel expenses. 

Click here to learn more about funding proposals.

Additional Leadership Resources

Along with the traditional policies and procedures, the following pages also provide you with some guidance regarding organizations and group leadership. 

How to Run a Meeting

Parliamentary Procedure + Minutes of a Meeting

Delegating Tasks

Stages of Group Development

Team Building


Goal Setting

Conflict Management

Program Planning

The Seven C's of Social Change Leadership


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