Starting a NEW Student Organization

Students wishing to start a new student organization at UTMB must do so during one of the following registration periods:

  • Summer/Fall: June 1 - August 31, 2018
  • Spring: February 11 - March 15, 2019

Any submissions made outside of the above dates will not be considered until the next registration period.

The Application Process:

1. Develop Your Idea!

  • What is the mission and purpose of the organization?
  • What activities and community projects would you participate in?
  • How would your organization differ from any other currently registered organizations?
  • How will your organization sustain over time?

2. Review UTMB Policies Regarding Student Organization

Understanding the rules and regulations that govern student organizations is important before submitting your application. Review the Handbook for Registered Student Organizations and the UT Systems Board of Regents' Rules covering student orgs.

3. Gather All Pertinent Information

You will need to have a few things prepared before you start your proposal. Here is a summary:

  • At least two qualified officers
  • Interested members (there is no minimum, but we recommend 7-10 students in order to sustain interest)
  • UTMB Faculty Advisor 
  • Mission Statement
  • Constitution (check out our editable sample constitution here)

You can check out a copy of the application here to know what to expect.

4. Submit a New Student Organization Proposal 

Ready to submit your proposal? Click here to access our online form! You will log in using your UTMB credentials. You can save the form at any time a return to it at a later date, if needed. Just click here to log in and access your partially completed proposal. Please note: You may see a message stating "Access denied. Authentication required." Kindly ignore the message and log in anyway; it is a system error and is expected to be updated.

5. Meet with Student Life to Review Your Organization and Receive Feedback

After you submit your proposal, Student Life will review it and invite you in for a meeting. We really just want to ask you a few additional questions about your organization to see if it will be a good fit at UTMB. We can also help offer feedback and advise so that your organization will be an ultimate success.

6. Notification of Approval or Denial

After considering your proposal and review session, Student Life will notify you via email of the approval or denial of your organization.


If your organization is approved?

Student Life will work with you to ensure that all components of the registration forms are complete and on file, including your constitution.

Next Step: Risk Management Training!

If you applied during the summer/fall registration period, risk management trainings are held in July and August. This year, we will offer three sessions - July 17th, July 25th, and August 28th at 5:00-6:30 PM in Joe's Cafeteria in Jamail.

If you applied in the Spring registration period, Student Life will schedule a training for all new organization between Mar 18 - Mar 22, 2019.

What do you need to know about Risk Management Training?

State law requires that all student organization must attend a risk management training annually. The training reviews all of the UT Systems Board of Regents' rules and regulations that govern student orgs, as well as UTMB's individual policies. We will also review some tips on how best to run your organization and fill you in on new and upcoming activities in Student Life.

Two officers are required to attend this training and bring back all of the information to the other officers and members of the organization.



We're here to help! You can email any questions, comments, or concerns to Taylor Sieling or give her a call at (409) 747-9056!