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UTMB Special Use Facilities


• Ballinger Mills Room

• Caduceus Room

• Levin Hall Dining Room

• Levin Hall Foyer

• The Rosenberg House

• The Rosenberg House Guest Suites

• Open Gates Conference Center

• Audio Visual Equipment List


Use of the Facilities
Priority shall be given to University programs and activities. Non-University groups and individuals may use facilities that have been designated for use by outside groups if the activity is consistent with UTMB’s mission and is approved in advance by the President.

In addition, UTMB faculty, staff, students, President's Cabinet and Development Board members may use the Open Gates facility and The Rosenberg House Dining Room for private events.

All requests for the use of these facilities must be made through the Office of the President, Special Use Facilities at extension 76753, or from our website at