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Vendor Information

User Forms (for use by all Depts.)

Sole Source / Proprietary Justification
Justification for only one Product or Vendor

Emergency Justification
Justification for the purchase of products/services based on an immediate need
Employee/Independent Contractor Verification Form
Checklist to determine if a Sole-Proprietor/Individual Services Vendor should be treated as an Employee or Contractor
General Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions for all General Procurement Activities
Vendor Application
To add a new Vendor to the Vendor List (Vendor must Complete)
Request for Proposal Development Checklist
Department request and information for a RFP
Professional Services Request Form
Department request for Professional Services
Consulting Services Request Form
Department request for Consulting Services
Non-Supplier PS Database Form
To Add/Change a "Non-Supplier" or "Remit to Address" in PeopleSoft
Vendor Release Form
For the Evaluation/Trial of Vendor Products
  Temporary Employee Security Process
Security Requirements for Clerical Temporary Personnel

JOC Approval Form
Scope of Work Approval Form for Projects over $300,000


OmniCom Documentation

Contract Entry into OmniCom
How to enter a new Contract into the OmniCom System

OmniCom Interim Contract Administration Processes
How to Administer Contracts in the OmniCom System
Acquisition Forms (for use by Acquisition only)
PO Document Checklist
Document Checklist for the Release of Purchase Orders 
  Bid/RFP Checklist
Document Checklist for Bid and RFP Projects

Register of Bids Received
For recording of Bid Received by Bid Clerk  

  Bids Received Form
For Recording the Bids Received for HUB Reporting
Tabulation Sheet
For tabulating Bid Responses by Buyer
Bid Award Recommendation
For departments approval of award
Award Recommendation Memo
For awards over $100,000, excluding RFP awards
Non-Disclosure Statement
Non-Disclosure Statement Format
Contract Database Worksheet
Form to enter a Contract into the Contract Database
Contract Renewal Letter
Format for Renewal of Contract Letter
Contract Routing Approval Form
Form to be completed and attached to Contracts sent to Legal Affairs
Purchasing Agent Signature Routing Approval
Routing Form for Chief Purchasing Agent’s Signature
  Small and Disadvantage Business Record Form
Form to record assistance by Buyer to Small Businesses
  Disclosure Statement for Purchasing Personnel
Form to record Conflict of Interest disclosure for evaluators and procurement personnel on major projects
GPO Award Recommendation
Award Recommendation to utilize GPO Contracts
Single Bid Response
Form to be completed when only one response is received
  General T&Cs with Software Clauses
General T&Cs with the Standard Software Clauses added
Acquisition Master Documents (for use by Acquisition only)
ITB Format
Format for an "Invitation to Bid"  
HUB Subcontracting Plan
  Buyer's Non-HSP Declaration
To declare that no Subcontracting opportunities are probable
Best and Final Offer
BAFO Format for the RFP Process
RFP Format
Format for a "Request for Proposal"
RFP Addendum
Format/Example for an Addendum to a RFP
Proposal Evaluation Process Documents
Proposal Evaluation Format for the RFP Process
RFP Award Recommendation Memo
Award Recommendation Format for the RFP Process
  Notice of Award
Template of an Award off a RFP/RFB
Agreement Format for Products
Format for a Bi-Lateral Agreement for Products
Agreement Format for Services
Format for a Bi-Lateral Agreement for Services
Equipment Lease Agreement
Format for an Agreement to Lease Equipment
  Standard Agreement Addendum
Standard Addendum for Bi-Lateral Agreements
Acquisition Misc. Documents (for use by Acquisition only)
RFB Format
Format for a "Request for Bid"
  Commitment Authority Memo
Official notice of authorization to commit purchase orders in a certain amount
  Security Clearance Requirements; Attachment A
Clauses for Procurement Solicitations and PO/Agreement/Contract Documents
  Security Clearance Requirements; Attachment B
Security Clearance attachment for PO/Agreement/Contract Documents
  Environmental Sustainability Questionnaire
Questionnaire on Environmental Sustainability (already included in ITB, RFP & RFB)
  Acquisition FOAM Documents (for use by Acquisition only)
  Construction Notice to Respondents
Notice sent to Contractors on Notification List advising them on RFP
  Construction Notice of Intent to Award
Letter sent to Contractor notifying them of UTMBs intent to award Contract
  Construction HSP Rejection Letter
Letter to sent to Contractor when HSP is rejected by HUB Coordinator
  Construction Bond Return Letter
Letter sent to Contractor when returning Bid Bonds after Agreement has been executed
  Construction Regret Letter
Letter sent to unsuccessful Contractors, notifying them of UTMBs intended award
Contract Administration Forms (for use by Acquisition only)
Contract Amendment Master
Format for the Amendment of a Contract
Contract Closeout Audit Form
Form to conduct the Closeout Audit of a Contract
Contract Closeout Evaluation Survey
Form to conduct a closeout survey of Contractor Performance
Contract Initialization Form
Form to set-up a Contract File
Contract Monitoring Form
Form to set-up the monitoring of a Contract
Contract Renewal Evaluation Form
Form to evaluate Contractor performance prior to Contract Renewal
Contract Renewal Notice
Format of the Contract Renewal Notice
Inappropriate Procurement Memo
Memo to inform a Dept. of an Inappropriate Procurement
Inappropriate Procurement Response Form
Form for the Dept. to respond to a Inappropriate Procurement and their remedial actions
Insurance Expiration Notification Letter
Letter to Vendor to notify them of Insurance expiration
Security File Data Label
"Cover Page" for Security Documents
Security Document Transmittal Form
For the transmittal of Security Documents
UTMB Project Manager/End-User Responsibilities Acknowledgment Form
Form for the UTMB Project Manager/End-User to acknowledgment their responsibilities
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