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Mail Services: Mail Center Operations

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US Postal Mail
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Delivery & Collection Schedule

Incoming mail is delivered and outgoing mail is picked up to each of the thirteen (13) delivery routes once daily. Those areas with the highest volume of mail and those whose work is dependent on postal mail delivery were given priority for morning delivery. For example, departments such as Accounting and Physician's Billing were given a morning delivery schedule.

The schedule your department falls under is determined by the first two digits of your mail route number. Use the following table to determine whether your mail will be delivered in the morning or in the afternoon:

Morning Route Numbers
Afternoon Route Numbers

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Mail Drop Locations

For the convenience of visitors, patients, employees and students, we also have mail collection boxes throughout our campus in the following locations:

  • 4th floor Rebecca Sealy Hospital by East Elevators
  • John Sealy Hospital - Floors 2 through 10 located near large elevator bank
  • John Sealy Hospital - Near Cashiers Office
  • Jennie Sealy Hospital - 1st floor West Hallway
  • Jennie Sealy Hospital - 1st floor by East Elevators
  • Outdoors - Near Vincent Hall sidewalk
  • Levin Hall - 3rd Floor South end of building
  • Ewing Hall - Ground floor by elevator
  • Jamail Student Center - 1st floor

Mail is picked up from each location daily.

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Campus Mail

Mail Services handles the collection and delivery of all official University correspondence between departments. Currently, we provide this service to more than 90 buildings with 460 stops receiving daily service. Mail Services collects, sorts, and delivers more than 4,000 pieces of campus mail each day. Standard delivery time from pick up to drop off is 24 hours.

Separate campus mail from other stamped or metered mail. Do not mix with any other type of mail.

Campus mail should, whenever possible, be mailed in the standard, white interoffice envelopes available from Materials Management (item # 65500). Recycled envelopes can also be obtained from the Mail Center. If other envelopes are used for campus mail, they may go through the postage meter which would incur a cost for your department.

Campus mail should be limited to university business only.

Address campus mail as follows:


Please print or type using capitalized letters, separate the department from the route number with a dash, here's an example:

Supply Chain Management - ROUTE 0918

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US Postal Mail

Incoming mail
USPS letter mail is delivered directly to Mail Services where it is sorted, bundled and delivered to your department by one of our mail route carriers.

All USPS parcels are delivered to Mail Services for delivery with your daily campus mail. Parcels sent to a Post Office Box address can be picked up at the Customer Service window. Non USPS packages are delivered to Materials Management, for example, FedEx, UPS, etc, where they are delivered by the Supply Chain Management Delivery Services team.

All incoming mail received at the University must contain a complete and correct business address as follows:


The last two address lines should always be the street address followed by city, state, and zip + 4.

Outgoing USPS mail
Outgoing USPS mail includes stamped and metered mail. Metered mail can be any mail class (except Periodicals) with postage printed by a USPS approved postage meter. Mail Services provides metering services billed to your department account number for all outgoing USPS mail at no cost except postage.

Guidelines for metered mail
High volume mailings should be placed in trays provided by Mail Services. Please do not place high volume mailings in cardboard boxes or send loose. Proper mailing containers are available through Mail Services by calling 409.747.3268 or by asking your route carrier. Smaller mailings (for example, those you could hold in one hand) should be held together by rubber bands.

Billing for metered mail is charged to the account number that corresponds to your mail route. Any exceptions requiring an alternate account number should include a memo that contains the name of a contact person, contact phone, description of the mailing, and alternate account information.

Separating mail by service class is also important. Outgoing U.S. Mail should be separated from internal campus mail. International mail should be separated from domestic mail. International mail for Canada should be separated from all other international mail. Within each class, please separate mail by weight.

Mail metering equipment seals all domestic open-side envelopes, such as standard business envelopes. Flaps should be left open and overlapping. Open-ended envelopes, such as coin envelopes or flat-size catalog envelopes, cannot be sealed automatically on metering equipment and should be sealed prior to giving them to Mail Services.

All international mail should be sealed by the sender. Self-mailers or booklets should not be sent to an international address unless placed in a sealed envelope. When addressing international mail, please spell out the country of destination in english, do not abbreviate.

All envelopes with metal clasps should be sealed prior to sending to Mail Services.

All domestic self-mailers should be tabbed (no staples, please), with the fold at the bottom, below the address. This will allow the mail piece to meet automation standards.

All mail sent to Mail Services for metering should face in the same direction and be sorted by size and weight. This will reduce handling time and allow for efficient metering.

Outgoing mail metered by Mail Services must have a complete return address and contain the words “University Of Texas Medical Branch.” This is a Federal regulation identifying the owner of the postage meter.

Make sure your campus address is presented on your outgoing stationery in a way that meets USPS requirements to ensure that it will be used correctly on incoming mail addressed to you, see the incoming mail example. Always use UTMB ZIP Code (77555) plus your department’s 4-digit mail route number.

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Address For Success - Tips

  • Type, machine or hand print all address information.
  • Use upper-case letters
  • Make sure print is clear and sharp
  • Ensure address characters don't touch or overlap
  • Black ink on a white background is best
  • Maintain a uniform left margin
  • Omit all punctuation
  • Include floor, suite, and apartment numbers whenever possible
  • Put the city, state, and ZIP Code or ZIP+4 in that order on the last line. If there's not enough room, you can put the ZIP Code or ZIP+4 alone on the bottom line
  • Use standard two-letter state abbreviations (See References for list)
  • When using window envelopes, make sure the complete address is always visible, even when the insert moves
  • Leave one space between words and two spaces between the state abbreviation and ZIP Code or ZIP+4 Code

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Post Office Box Rentals

Renting a post office box is simple, just visit our Mail Services customer service window located in Rebecca Sealy Hospital and fill out an Application For Post Office Box. Our boxes rent for $9.00 per quarter. We accept cash or personal checks, however, returned checks are subject to appropriate service charges.

Upon completion of the form and payment, we will assign a box number and provide instructions for the combination lock.

A payment reminder notice will be placed in your box one week prior to your rental due date. If payment is not made by the due date, a close out notice will be placed in your Post Office box.

The Close Out Notice explains that you have one week beyond your original due date to make a payment, or your Post Office box will be closed.

You can cancel your Postal Box rental at any time. The fee representing the first three months is not refundable. Consult Mail Services for more information.

Any mail addressed to your Postal Box address will be deposited in your Postal Box, except for those items which require a signature or are too large to fit in the compartment. In these cases, your mail is still secure. A card will be left in your Postal Box advising you of the situation, and you can simply pick up the mail from our Customer Service window.

Be sure to provide your complete Post office box address to vendors, magazine subscriptions, mailing lists and those you correspond with, for example:

NAME (box holders name)
BOX (your assigned box number)
Galveston TX 77555-(last 4 digits of box number)

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Dormitory Resident Mail

Students living in the dormitories are assigned postal box numbers by Campus Housing, and can obtain their box lock combinations from Mail Center Operations.

Medical student boxes, located in the Clinical Science Building are assigned through Student Affairs, and medical students may contact the office of the Associate Dean for Student Affairs at ext. 25414 or at mail route 0807.

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Forwarding Services Box Holders

Mail Services will forward mail for box holders who change addresses once the box holder has submitted a change of address card, which can be obtained from the USPS Contract Postal Station windows.

Mail is forwarded for one year. Once the year has passed, mail will be returned to the sender, in accordance with USPS policy.

This service takes place when the box holder:

  • moves to an off campus address;
  • leaves campus for the summer;
  • a student withdraws completely from UTMB; or
  • leaves UTMB permanently
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Account Management

Mail Services bills departments on a monthly basis by direct charge through the campus’ General Ledger. See the section “US Postal Mail” for additional information about billing.

When directing inquiries regarding general ledger entries for postage charges, have your account number, voucher number and information specific to the mailing in question available.

When your department has a new account that you want Mail Center Operations to use for billing, please call ext. 22140 promptly with the new account number and mail route to which it relates.

When your department has an account number that you want Mail Center Operations to stop using, please call at ext. 22140 promptly with the account number you wish to have de-activated.

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Mail Route Management

Employee mail routes are listed in UTMB’s online directory at: http://www.utmb.edu/directory

Customers are responsible for:

  • Completing a Route Request Relocation form and submit it to Mail Services when you or your department moves.
  • Department administrators must update mail route information in the appropriate online system if the department moves, an individual moves, or a new employee joins the department.
  • Individuals should check the online directory to make sure their mail route is correct. If it isn’t, access the “Edit” feature of the online directory at: http://iram.utmb.edu/directory

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Personal Mail

Personal mail is defined as any mail not related to UTMB or your position at UTMB such as: utility bills, credit card and bank accounts not related to UTMB, and periodicals not related to your position. UTMB requires that all faculty and staff receive their personal mail at home or at a permanent address.

Occasional correspondence from friends and/or colleagues is acceptable. Your UTMB address should never be given as your permanent address unless you live on campus.

It is acceptable to send outgoing personal mail through UTMB Mail Services if you have already provided adequate postage. University postal meters cannot be used to apply postage to personal letters or parcels.

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Non-Profit Standard A Mail

This term was previously called “Nonprofit Bulk Mail”, which is a subclass of Standard Mail available only to qualified organizations specified by U.S. statute. Requirements for nonprofit bulk mail:

  • must consist of at least 200 or more identical pieces;
  • all pieces must be uniform in size;
  • all pieces must be mailed out at the same time;
  • each piece must weigh less than 16 ounces and be at least .007” thick (Mail pieces over 4 1/4” by 6” in size must be at least .009” thick.); and
  • mail pieces must be presented to Mail Operations in ascending ZIP Code order.

In order to qualify for nonprofit rates, you must complete the Form for Accepting Non Profit (Bulk) Mailings and submit it to the mail center prior to pick up.
Note: The Mail Center provides tubs and trays for bulk mailings. Please call ext. 22140 for more information.

Prior to preparing a large non-profit mailing, be sure to contact Mail Center Operations, at ext. 22140, to verify mail piece formats for compliance with USPS regulations.

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Business Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail (BRM) is a service from the USPS that allows you to send any number of reply pieces (envelopes, cards or self-mailers) and pay only for those that are returned to you.

BRM is the most cost-effective way to provide reply pieces for a wide variety of mailings, including fund- raising solicitations, surveys, subscription renewals, etc. No extra services (see USPS Postal Contract Station, Extra Services) may be used in conjunction with BRM. The rate is first-class mail postage plus a surcharge.

Customers must verify all business reply mailing formats with the Mail Center for compliance with USPS specifications prior to printing or reprinting.

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