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David HerndonDavid N. Herndon, M.D.
Jesse H. Jones Distinguished Chair in Burn Surgery, Professor of Surgery; Chief of Staff, Shriners Hospitals for Children

Research Projects: Pathophysiology of thermal burns; wound healing; protein synthesis; inhalation injury; anabolic agents in the treatment of burns; rehabilitation




Ludwik BranskiLudwik K. Branski, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Research Projects: Burn metabolism, hypertrophic scars and keloids, fat grafting, burn reconstruction





Celeste FinnertyCeleste C. Finnerty, Ph.D.
Associate Professor

Research Projects: Identification of proteomic and genomic modulators and predictors for the development of hypertrophic scarring



Carlos JimenezCarlos Jimenez, M.D.
Assistant Professor

Research Projects: Metabolic response to trauma and critical injury





Jong LeeJong O. Lee, M.D.
Associate Professor

Research Projects: Analgesic efficacy of COX-2 inhibitor in burns





Robert McCauleyRobert L. McCauley, M.D.

Research Projects: Responses of human fibroblasts cell line to biomaterial and topical antimicrobial agents; growth and metabolism of human fibroblasts and keratinocytes in abnormal wound healing processes (keloids and hypertrophic scar formation); role of cytokine in wound healing




Oscar SumanOscar E. Suman, Ph.D.
Leon Hess Professor for Burn Injuries Research Professor; Director of Children's Wellness Center, Shriners Hospitals for Children

Research Projects: Cardiopulmonary physiology; exercise physiology and burns