Mark Hellmich, PhD

Mark Hellmich, PhD

Project: Pancreatic Cancer

Translational Relevance: This project involves the downregulation of tumor suppressor genes in the metastatic spread of pancreatic cancer. Orthotopic and metastatic animal models of pancreatic cancer will be used.

Project: Molecular mechanisms of inflammation-induced pancreatic cancer

Translational Relevance: Pancreatitis is an inflammatory process that has been implicated in the etiology of pancreatic cancer. This project involves the study of peptide hormone receptor-mediated pathways become dysregulated during acute pancreatitis and contribute to pancreatic cancer development.

Project: Role of hydrogen sulfide in colon cancer progression

Translational Relevance: The development of novel therapeutics in the treatment of colon cancer by modulation hydrogen sulfide levels.

Celia Chao, MD

Celia Chao, MD

Project: Cancer Associated Fibroblasts in Colorectal and Pancreatic Cancer

Translational Relevance: This study focuses on the pro-tumorigenic functions of fibroblasts isolated from primary colon and pancreatic tumors.

Project: Colon Cancer Stem Cells

Translational Relevance: This study focuses on key paracrine signaling pathways that drive colorectal stem cell growth and progression.

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