Conference Schedule for UTMB/DCH/SHC Fellowship Program – to be held jointly with UTMB/SHC-Galveston and DCH via virtual platform (Teams, Zoom, etc.) 

7a-8a Fellow Didactic Conference (using SCORE curriculum) 
8a-9a Pediatric Surgery Quality Improvement Case Conference (weeks 1, 2, and 3); Pediatric Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Conference (week 4) 
9a-10a Radiology Conference 
10a-11a Pathology Conference 

7a-8a UTMB Department of Surgery Morbidity and Mortality Conference 
8a-9a UTMB Department of Surgery Grand Rounds 
10:30a-11:30a UTMB Department of Surgery Quality Improvement Conference (fellow will attend while on rotation in Galveston) 

6p-7p Journal Club - To follow Seminars in Pediatric Surgery - 1st Thursday of the month

Fellow Rotations (block diagram)

Fellow Goals and Objectives