Trauma Center

Educational Courses Offered

Several educational courses related to trauma are offered at the University.
Advanced Trauma Life Support is a 2-day course offered to physicians to further their knowledge in the emergency management and care of the trauma patient. To register for the next course offered at UTMB, contact Terry Moorhead at (409) 772-7656 or access the following website for courses scheduled throughout the country, American College of Surgeons: Advanced Trauma Life Support Courses

Trauma Nursing Core Course (TNCC) is a 2-day course offered for registered nurses who would like to further their knowledge in the initial care of the trauma patient. You can reach the TNCC course coordinator, Valerie Brumfield at (409) 747-3553, for the next available course.

Emergency Nursing Pediatric Course (ENPC) is a 2-day course offered for registered nurses wishing to further their knowledge in the emergency care of the pediatric patient. Contact Barbara Bowers at (409) 747-1237 for additional information and course dates.

Injury Prevention - Core Curriculum

Training Future Physicians About Injury Report (PDF, 18 pages)This report of the Advisory Panel on Injury Prevention and Control Education for Medical Students was supported in full by funding award no. 0000166803 through a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Injury Prevention Powerpoint Presentations


TEACH-VIP, an injury prevention and control curriculum that has been developed through the efforts of WHO and a great many injury prevention experts throughout the world. The course materials is designed around power point slide presentations, with supporting notes below the slides.

A key characteristic of the TEACH-VIP curriculum is that it is modular. That is, the course structure is flexible and individuals may move through the modules at their own pace. No preexisting experience or knowledge in injury prevention is needed to begin the curriculum.

The overreaching objective of the TEACH-VIP program is to support and facilitate the prevention of injuries through the training of a variety of individuals.

Experience in the field of education has shown that strategies that increase the degree of interaction are an effective means to increase the acquisition and retention of competencies.

Building capacity for the prevention of injuries is an obvious need. The burden of injury is substantial and yet relatively little sustainable action has been demonstrated.

TEACH-VIP Powerpoint Presentations

The combined Injury Prevention Committee and the Data Informatics & Research Task Force of the Governor’s EMS and Trauma Advisory Council of the Texas Department of State Health Services serve as the resource and contract group for individuals, groups, organizations and others related to injury prevention in the State of Texas.

Please refer to the DSHS website:
For information on the meetings and locations of the Injury Prevention Committee, click here.