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Muns Receives TCH Cheek Award

Neuro Savage

Neurosurgery residents and faculty, including Juan Ortega-Barnett, M.D., Ken Maynard, M.D., Randall Zain Allison, M.D., Daniel Branch, M.D., and Rishi Lall, M.D., participated in an obstacle course and race at a Savage Race competition, which was held in November 2015 in Cat Spring, Texas.

Muns Receives TCH Cheek Award

Muns Award

Dr. Alan Muns, PGY-5 UTMB Neurosurgery Resident, has been awarded the first annual William R. Cheek Award for outstanding performance on the Pediatric Neurosurgery service at Texas Children's Hospital. This award was based on nomination and voting from the operating room staff, the staff on the neurosurgical floor, nurses, and nurse practioners.

Dr. Muns was selected for this award from a field of 9 Baylor, Methodist and UTMB residents and fellows that rotated through Texas Children's Hospital for the 2011-2012 year. He was presented with a certificate and honorarium at a luncheon in his honor.

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