How It Works

This site has been designed as a clearinghouse of information for people who:

  • have office supplies or other non-inventoried items to share
  • are looking for office supplies or other non-inventoried items

Creating A Listing

If you have items to share, or need supplies or materials, you can log in (using your utmb-users-m username and password) and post a listing, which will appear in the UTMB Swap Shop listings.

As you compose your listing, please select the appropriate icon so that your message can be easily categorized:


The gift icon indicates that you have office supplies or other non-inventoried items to share.

gimme The hand icon indicates that you are looking for office supplies or other non-inventoried items.

Listings will display on the page for six weeks before they are automatically removed. Those who post a listing can log in and edit or delete it at any time.


  • Include your telephone extension in the text of your posting. Your email address will be included automatically.
  • Your description should be clear and concise. Include all relevant information, especially concerning the condition of the item.

Finding an Item You Need

  • Browse the listings, and click on items of interest to view specific details.
  • You can email the person who posted the message right from the details page.
  • Try clicking on the "Category" or "Date Posted" headings to re-order the listings.
  • You may also post a listing that advertises your need.
  • If there are a large number of items listed, searching the listings for a needed item might be most effective way to find what you need. You'll find the search box at the top of the listings page. The Swap Shop search engine looks through both item types and listing descriptions, and returns items that match your search criteria, ordered by date. Results will be grouped, first by item type, then by listing description. Separate search terms with a space.

The Ground Rules

There are some simple yet important guidelines:

  • Anyone from UTMB may post an item listing, though posting requires that you log in to the site.
  • All material is and remains UTMB property and must be used for business purposes only. Home use, personal use or resale of swap shop materials is not allowed.
  • Inventory items—-anything with a UTMB property tag and inventory number-—are not currently eligible for this program. These items are documented and transferring ownership must be done through other existing processes.
  • Please, no hazardous or controlled equipment or materials allowed.
  • Please ensure anything you are giving away has been cleared with your supervisor, manager, or colleagues. If you mistakenly give something away, there are no guarantees you can get it back.
  • Be very specific with the description of what you have or what you need. Include quantity, size, model number if applicable, color, and whatever else might help the person reading your item listing.
  • If something is broken or in less than perfect, useable condition, please state so in your description.
  • Include your contact information. Delivery or pickup arrangements are to be worked out between program participants.