UTMB-EHN Offers the Following Web Education Courses

Both courses are free to all and offer a Certificate of Completion, but no CE credit hours are offered at this time.


Telehealth 101 covers all the basics of telemedicine and includes a detailed guide to planning and starting a telemedicine program:

         Telehealth Visits: What happens before, during, and after telehealth visits?

         Responsibilities of the Provider and Presenter: What kinds of staff are needed on both sides of the camera? Why? Who does what? When?

         Equipment: What is needed to examine patients via telemedicine?

         Successful Programs: What makes them different?

         Privacy Issues: What issues are unique to telehealth practice? To HIPAA compliance?

         Reimbursement: What is required to secure reimbursements for telehealth visits?

Telehealth 202 covers business aspects in the planning process of beginning a telemedicine program:

         Potential Applications

         Legal Issues

         Needs Assessment

         Telehealth Program Proposal

         Evaluation Process


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