October 31, 2013

A summary of the questions that were received in relation to the Oct. 31, 2013, Town Hall meeting. Answers to additional questions received will be posted soon.

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  • Q. Will UTMB ever cancel Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Texas so we have to get insurance with ObamaCare?

    A. The University of Texas System offers the self-funded UT SELECT plan to all employees and retirees of UT System institutions, including UTMB. Being self-funded essentially means that the State of Texas, UT System and plan members fund the cost of the program, and UT System is able to design the benefits to best meet the needs of its employees. Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the contracted administrator of the plan. The UT SELECT plan meets our needs and provides us the ability to attract and retain high quality talent. There are no plans now or in the foreseeable future to cancel the self-funded UT SELECT plan.

  • Q. Will the recent changes in government Healthcare change anything for employees as far as OUR CURRENT Healthcare for the years 2014 or beyond? I like our healthcare that we have and do not wish for anything to change.

    A. Because the UT SELECT plan was robust long before the Affordable Care Act was passed, most of the new, federally mandated changes you may have read about in media reports were already benefits included in our plan. Fees associated with the ACA are built in to the current rate structure of UT SELECT already. UTMB and the UT System Office of Employee Benefits have and will continue to monitor legislation closely to ensure compliance with federal law while still offering a strong set of benefits for employees and retirees.

  • Q. I would like to know if UTMB will be getting any more programs like Work/School or NEPP.

    A. While there are no plans to reinstitute the Work/School Program and the Nursing Education and Placement Program (NEPP) grant has concluded, employee development remains a high priority for UTMB and Human Resources. Executive leadership has chartered a team to look at employee development through the Innovation Challenge program, and Organizational and Workforce Development currently offers courses. In addition, UTMB’s tuition reimbursement program is available to employees who meet the criteria.

  • Q. Where can we find the names of GEM honorees and drawing winners?

    A. The latest list of GEM winners is posted on the Employee Advisory Council blog and on the CMC web site.