Southeast Regional T-STEM Center Center Goal, Mission, & Objectives

The overall goal of the SRT-STEM Center is to be a critical catalyst and advocate for systemic change in STEM education for intermediate and secondary students and teachers. The Center serves as a vital resource and source of support for the regional school districts, ESCs, and evolving T-STEM Academies.

The Center’s work is realized using a dual approach that involves both professional development experiences for educators and STEM enrichment experiences for students. It is envisioned that the SRT-STEM Center will become a significant force for preparing Texas students for rewarding careers in the 21st Century economy by improving student achievement outcomes in math and science and increasing the number of students who pursue postsecondary studies and careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. In accord with the basic goals established for all T-STEM Centers, the SRT-STEM Center conducts its mission via key objectives that ensure:

  • integrated stakeholder involvement
  • community support
  • professional development
  • resources and materials support
  • assessment and evaluation
  • educator leadership
  • research-based curriculum

Center Information

The Southeast Regional T-STEM Center is based at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston and serves the greater Houston-Galveston area and beyond. The Center's specialties include:

  • STEM Summer Bridge Programs
  • Campus In-Service Days
  • One-on-one coaching regarding blueprint implementation and instructional strategies
  • Professional Development for EOC Success, Effective Instructio