BEST Robotics Workshop

The SRT-STEM center launched the inaugural year of the BEST robotics competition with a newly sanctioned hub called "Galveston BEST". We had seven teams sign up and participating in hub activities. This yearís competition was called "High Octane".

Galveston BEST logo

The objective for teams in the competition was to collect and employ common molecules (CO2, H20) and essential resources (energy, catalysts) to complete a series of chemical reactions. The eventual goal is to produce isooctane, or alternatively, the lesser-valued naphtha. Intermediate products (ethylene, benzene) that are generated in the process are retained in the teamís inventory for later use.

The participating schools in the Galveston BEST hub were Galveston Ball High School (1st place winner), Worthing High School (2nd place winner), Hitchcock High School, Harmony Science Houston, Sterling High School, Chavez High School and LaMarque High School. Our sponsors are Home Depot Ė Galveston, Home Depot Ė Gulfgate and our mentor hub was North Houston BEST

The Galveston BEST hub will sponsor with North Houston BEST and Galveston ISD robotics workshops that will provide training to Galveston and Houston schools in the areas of Brain programming and basic robot design.

Teams and individuals interested in competition and/or workshops should contact Dr. Monique Micheaux at or 281-935-7742.

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