T-STEM Coalition Student Virtual STEM Poster Competition

A poster session will be held as a part of the 2013 STEM Education Conference at the Menger Hotel in San Antonio, TX . Students will be able to register their posters and submit them online from December 4, 2012 to January 4, 2013. Posters will be judged by content experts according to an established rubric and winners notified the week of January 14th. Winners will be invited to 2013 STEM Education Conference to display/present their posters and receive their awards on Saturday, January 26th. Posters will be available for public online viewing the week of January 24th.

Participants must complete the following steps to enter the virtual poster competition:
  1. Register for the poster session.
  2. Create a poster that conforms to the instructions.
  3. Upload the completed poster that has been converted to pdf format.


If you'd like to submit a poster you must 1st register for the poster session.
   Register for Poster Competition has ended.    Click here to view the contest posters.

Poster Creation:

Before you create your poster please click the following link to read the poster instructions.
   Click here for Instructions

If you need more guidance please click the following link to see a sample poster.
   Click here to view sample poster.
*This example poster is solely for the purpose of providing an illustration of the type of formatting that should be used. The example poster is a modified version of actual research and data performed by Dr. Michele Marquette (UTMB) and presented at a national scientific meeting in collaboration with Dr. Diane Byerly (NASA), Dr. Leoncio Vergara (UTMB), and Dr. Marguerite Sognier (UTMB and NASA/USRA).

Poster Upload:

Upon completing please click on the following link to submit your post document for judging.
The last date to submit is January 10, 2013-5:00 PM .
   Click Here to upload Poster File