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The University of Texas Medical Branch has a strong tradition of academic and service excellence—and a welcoming community of peers—that make it easy for students, residents, fellows and other trainees to quickly feel at home. This page provides a quick overview of the services, programs, people and places that contribute to the academic and professional success of our students and trainees.

Housing in Galveston for Students and Trainees

The housing needs and options for many traditional students are unique from those sought by—as an example—a member of our clinical workforce. Many students want to be close to campus (or at least on the island) to simplify getting to and from classes and other activities throughout the day. Options on the island can be considered geographically; below is a brief description of the island divided in three regions to give an idea of what each area has to offer.

East End
East End is the area closest to campus. There are many rental homes and apartments available in this area. Some people just ride a bicycle or walk to class (10-15 minutes). For some, the drive would be approximately 2-7 minutes. This area is also near the historic Strand District. Many of the homes in this area are Victorian in style and are often privately owned.

UTMB On-Campus Housing
The university offers some limited on-campus and near-campus housing for non-married students of the four UTMB schools. The sites offer comparatively low rent and are conveniently located within walking distance of campus. Clean and spacious suites in dormitories or apartments provide a productive atmosphere for study and a comfortable environment to relax.

Midtown consists of housing options from approximately 45th St. to 61st  St., the center of the island. Several of the apartment complexes here are newer or recently renovated. Private homes and neighborhoods are interspersed. The drive to UTMB from this area is about 10-15 minutes. This area is close to shopping including Wal-Mart, Target, Randall’s, Kroger, Office Depot and many restaurants. Travel times increase 5-10 minutes during the summer/holiday tourist seasons.

West End
The West End begins at the end of the Seawall and is the furthest from campus of the Galveston choices (7+ miles). Some of the island’s newest apartment complexes are located in this area. The drive to UTMB from this area is 15-20 minhutes. This area is closest to the movie theater and approximately 4-5 minutes from shopping stores, grocery stores and restaurants. Travel times increase 5-10 minutes during the summer/holiday tourist seasons.

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Galveston at a Glance

Drs. Meredith and Todd Masel come from different places: He's a "BOI" (born on island) and she's a once-reluctant Austin transplant. Hear as this young and vibrant couple shares their love for family life in Galveston.

Graduate Medical Education

The University of Texas Medical Branch offers 25 residencies and 33 subspecialty fellowship programs. The individual program directors and their departments conduct the recruiting, training, evaluating and managing of the specific programs. UTMB offers residents cutting-edge clinical and research facilities; patients from diverse socioeconomic and ethnic populations; committed faculty with a historic educational legacy; and a strong emphasis on collegiality and professionalism. Coupled with a great lifestyle, affordable cost of living, a wide range of housing options for singles and families and strong schools and daycare centers, UTMB Health offers an attractive overall package for its health and research trainees.

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Our Road Map

UTMB’s three-year strategic vision aligns closely with the University of Texas System’s Framework for Excellence Action Plan.

Eight foundational elements—people, quality, education, research, health system, strategic management and growth, financial success and community—support cohesive planning and operations and ensure our continued ability to fulfill our vital education, research and patient care mission.