UTMB Reports to the State

House Bill 1016, enacted by the 76th Legislature, stipulates that state agencies will make available all reports required by law in an electronic format. Listed below are summaries and descriptions of the reports required of the University of Texas Medical Branch. As reports become available, they will be accessible from this site. Some linked documents are in Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). To view these or any other PDF files, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Aircraft Use Form

A summary of the costs of operating and the use made of State-owned aircraft or aircraft operated under long-term lease or rental should be provided to the Legislative Budget Board and the State Aircraft Pooling Board. Government Code, Section 2205.041.

Annual Financial Report

No later than November 20th the executive head of each state agency shall file with the Governor, the State Auditor, the Legislative Budget Board, Legislative Reference Library, and the Comptroller of Public Accounts an annual report as of August 31 of the preceding fiscal year showing the use of appropriated funds. An annual report shall be prepared by the agency to present the financial position and the results of its operations and changes in financial position for the fiscal year in conformity with reporting guidance provided by the Comptroller of Public Accounts. Government Code, Section 2101.011.

Annual Nonfinancial Data Summary

A state agency shall submit an annual report to: (1) the governor; (2) the Legislative Reference Library; (3) the state auditor; and (4) the Legislative Budget Board. A state agency’s annual report must cover an entire fiscal year. The agency shall submit the report not later than December 31 of each year. A state agency’s annual report must include those items specified in Texas Government Code Section 2101.0115. Government Code, Section 2101.0115.

Audit Report

The Internal Auditor shall prepare an annual report and submit the report before November 1 of each year to the governor, the Legislative Budget Board, the Sunset Advisory Commission, the State auditor, the State agency’s governing board, and the administrator. The State auditor shall prescribe the form and content of the report, subject to the approval of the legislative audit committee. Government Code, Section 2102.009.

Bond Transaction Report

Each entity that issues State bonds shall report to the board its bond transactions. Civil Statutes, Art. 717k, Section 7c.

Contract Notification

An institution shall provide written notification to the Legislative Budget Board, not later than the 10th day after an institution of higher education enters into a contract for consulting services, a contract for professional services, a construction contract, or a contract for major information systems. HB 1, 76th Leg., Art. IX, Sec. 9-7.05, pg. IX-64.
FY2009 (Report not available)
FY2008 (August 2008 data not available)

Contract Workforce

No later than December 1 of each year of the biennium, an agency shall file with the Legislative Budget Board, the Governor’s Office, and the State Auditor a report on the agency’s use of a contract workforce in the preceding fiscal year. The report shall be prepared according to a format prescribed by the State Auditor and shall include a description of how the agency has complied with the provisions of this rider and an evaluation of the work performed by a contract workforce, including an assessment of whether work was completed on time, within budget, and according to contract specifications. HB 1, 76th Leg., Art. IX, Sec. 9-11.18, pg. IX-87.

Cost of Medications

By September 1, 2000, each agency expending funds appropriated by this act for medications shall submit a report to the Legislative Budget Board and the Governor, documenting its efforts to manage medication costs. HB 1, 76th Leg., Art IX, Sec. 9-6.54, pg. IX-61.

County Indigent Care Contracts

The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, and The University of Texas Health Center at Tyler shall submit to the Legislative Budget Board and the Governor at the end of each fiscal year a list of Counties whose indigent residents have been served by each institution; the total amount of reimbursement received by each institution from each county pursuant to the indigent health Care and Treatment Act. HB 176th Leg., Art. III, Rider 27.3, pg. III-235.

Customer Service Report

UTMB has a number of processes in place that demonstrate a strong commitment to customer service. These processes are outlined in a report reflecting the University of Texas Medical Branch’s measurements of the quality of service delivered to its various customers. Prepared for the Legislative Budget Board and the Governor’s Office of Budget, Planning and Policy by the UTMB Office of Institutional Effectiveness. Texas Government Code, §2114.002(c)

Equity Ownership / Business Participation Report

The Governing Board of each system and institution shall include in the annual report a list of employees who hold equity interests in or are directors of business entities that have agreements with the system or institution relating to research, development, licensing or exploitation of intellectual property owned by the system or institution. Education Code, Section 51.912.

FTE State Employees

Not later than the last day of the first month following each quarter of the fiscal year, a State agency shall file with the State Auditor a written report that provides the following data for that fiscal quarter. The report must be made in the manner prescribed by the State Auditor.
  • number of full-time equivalent State employees employed by the agency and paid from funds in the State Treasury;
  • number of full-time equivalent State employees employed by the agency and paid from funds outside of the State Treasury;
  • the increase or decrease, if any, of the number of full-time equivalent employees from the fiscal quarter preceding the quarter covered by the report;
  • the number of positions of the agency paid from funds in the State Treasury;
  • the number of positions of the agency paid from funds outside of the State Treasury; and
  • the number of individuals who performed services for the agency under a contract, including consultants and individuals employed under contracts with temporary help services.
  • the number of managers, supervisors, and staff.
Government Code, Section 2052.103.

Historically Underutilized Minority Businesses - Contracts

Each state agency shall send to the General Services Commission information required by the commission for the preparation of the commission’s report not later than March 15 and September 15 of each year. Each state agency shall report the following information with regard to the expenditure of both treasury and non-treasury funds:
  • the total dollar amount of purchases and payments made under contracts awarded to historically underutilized businesses;
  • the number of businesses participating in any issuance of state bonds by the agency;
  • the number of contracts awarded to businesses with regard to the agency’s acquisition, construction, or equipping of a facility or implementation of a program; and
  • the number of bids, proposals, or other applicable expressions of interest made by historically underutilized businesses with regard to the agency’s acquisition, construction, or equipping of a facility or implementation of a program.

All state agencies and institutions of higher education shall report to the commission and Comptroller of Public Accounts all non-Treasury funds spent with historically underutilized businesses in accordance with the reporting required in Chapter 2161, Government Code. For questions or comments about the HUB report, please contact Kyle Barton, Purchasing Manager, Logistics-Acquisition.

Government Code, Section 2161.122. HB 1, 76th Leg., Art. IX, Sec. 9-9.03, pg. IX-70.
HUB Report
Supplemental Letter

Homeland Security Reports

This schedule is submitted to System every other year. It identifies expenditures related to homeland security by object of expense and method of financing. Part A relates to terrorism, Part B covers expenditures related to natural or man-made disasters.

Information for Texas Historical Commission

Each State Agency shall furnish to the General Land Office information identifying the age of the buildings. Natural Resources Code, Section 31.160.

Investment Report

The governing board shall file a quarterly report of all investment transactions involving endowment funds, short-term and long-term investment funds, and all other securities transactions, in a manner prescribed by the Legislative Budget Board. HB 1, 76th Leg., Art. III, Section 6(5), pg. III-228.

Legislative Appropriations Request

Each institution, department, agency, officer, employee, or agent of the State shall submit any estimate or reporting relating to appropriations requested by the Legislative Budget Board or under the Boards direction. Each estimate or report shall be submitted at a time set by the Board and in the manner prescribed by the Board rules. An estimate or report required under this section is in addition to an estimate or report required by other law, including those estimates or reports relating to appropriations required by Chapter 401. Government Code, Section 322.007. The Governor may collaborate with the Legislative Budget Board in designing and preparing uniform budget estimate forms on which all requests for legislative appropriations must be prepared. The Governor shall require that all appropriation requests be submitted to the Governor on the forms. Government Code, Section 401.042.

Medical School Enrollment

In the event that a school of medicine falls below the required first year class enrollment of undergraduate medical students by more than five percent for fiscal years 2004 and 2005, the school shall report to the Legislative Budget Board the reasons for failing to meet the required enrollment. HB 1, 78th Leg., Art. III, Sec. 15, pg. III-261.

Minutes of the Governing Board

The Governing Board shall make minutes of the meetings available to members of the Legislature and to Agencies in the legislative branch of State government in an electronic format determined by the Texas Legislative Council. Government Code, Section 306.007.

Operating Budget

On or before November 1 of each fiscal year, an itemized budget covering operations of that fiscal year shall be filed with the Governor’s Office of Budget and Planning, Legislative Budget Board, the Comptroller of Public Accounts and Legislative Reference Library in the format prescribed jointly by both budget offices. Education Code, Section 51.0051; HB 1,76th Leg., Art. IX, Sec. 9-7.01, pg. IX-62.

ORP Report

The governing board of each institution of higher education, other than the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, shall annually submit a report to the coordinating board that includes information concerning the number of participants and eligible positions and the amount of contributions. Government Code, Section 830.006.

Property and Accounting Records

Each State Agency shall maintain a record of each item of real property it possesses. The record must include the following information and, on the request of the division, shall be furnished. Natural Resources Code, Section 31.153.

Salary Supplementation

Funds appropriated to a State agency or to an institution of higher education may not be expended for payment of salary to a person whose classified or exempt salary is being supplemented from other than appropriated funds until a report showing the amount and sources of salary being paid from other sources has been reported to the Secretary of State and Comptroller. HB 1, 76th Leg., Art. IX, Sec. 9-3.03, pg. IX-25.

Strategic Plan

A State agency shall make a strategic plan for its operations. Each even numbered year, the agency shall issue a plan covering five fiscal years beginning with the next odd-numbered fiscal year. Government Code Section 2056.002.

Strategic Plan for Information Resources Management

Each State Agency shall prepare an agency strategic Plan for information resources management. The agency strategic plan shall be prepared in a format prescribed by the Department of Information Resources. Government Code, Section 2054.095.