Changing of the social media guard

In the past 15 months, many came to know and appreciate our social media manager, Tamara Sherrod. During her tenure, she elevated the university’s social media presence to a new level, and helped us blaze new trails with marketing, content development and user support.

Tamara has accepted a new position on the East Coast that aligns more closely with her training and passion in sports marketing; we wish her well in her new role.

The vacant social media position has been placed on hold and will remain unfilled at this time. While this does create a challenge that will necessitate some program adjustments, we are developing a plan to cover as many of the responsibilities associated with the position as possible.

Pep Valdes will continue to provide oversight and will handle most of the administrative duties associated with the position. Shannon Porter (with Internal Communications) will help orchestrate our social posts and user engagement. Shannon has several years of professional experience in social media, most recently with the Clear Creek Independent School District, and we are fortunate and grateful to be able to lean on her talents during this transition. Other members of the Marketing and Communications team will help with coverage and monitoring on our primary social channels.

As a reminder, social media guidelines and resources are online. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact us. Both Shannon and I can be reached at ext. 22618, or you may send email to

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