Social Media: Some important reminders

We prepared the information below for a recent installation of the UTMB Weekly Relay. We thought it would make sense to share the information again here: 

Social media has benefits and risks, and UTMB has policies and guidelines governing social media use for department/program sites as well as personal pages.  

If you wish to create or already manage a UTMB-affiliated social media presence, UTMB has specific rules and requirements. Please visit our social media toolkit web page to learn more about the rules and requirements.

If you have a personal social media presence, what you post matters, and even on a personal account, can have consequences.

  • Always protect patient privacy and the university’s proprietary information.
  • Respect laws (incld. copyright) and adhere to a high standard of professionalism; practice good online etiquette.
  • Use good judgement and think twice before you post; assume nothing is ever private and everything you post will be discoverable, forever.
  • Respect your work commitment; be mindful and save non-work related social media for your personal time.
  • Be transparent and honest; you can speak about the university but not on behalf of the university (unless you are among the handful of people with that assigned role).
  • Remember that if you associate yourself with UTMB in your profile (and often if you don’t), what you say, show and do reflects on the university.
  • If you run across something about UTMB that concerns you or raises questions, let us know.

To view the UTMB social media policy, visit  Contact us for assistance at

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