UTMB Web Roles and Responsibilities

It's important to understand your role and professional responsibilities as they relate to creating content presented online for UTMB Health.

Always keep in mind that anything you create for the web is a direct reflection of UTMB's reputation and brand identity around the world, as well as your own. Any site, page or content you manage or are creating for the web is an important part of UTMB's online information ecosystem and should be approached accordingly.

What's your primary web role?

As someone who contributes to the web at UTMB, you will logically fall into one of these four primary roles. These roles are high-level classifications based on your skillset and the type of work you do, respectively.

  1. Owner/Manager - Site ownership and/or management only. No actual hands-on web content editing.
  2. Author - Content authoring and/or content (data) entry for the web.
  3. Designer - Work with CSS and some JavaScript. Modify page layouts and/or templates.
  4. Developer - If you build/program web-based (browser as a platform) software applications.

Once you've properly self-identified your primary role, be sure that your personal profile reflects this. This information will help us more accurately identify UTMB's community of "web people" so that we may better serve your needs while improving tools, alignment, and overall effectiveness.

As a web contributor at UTMB, you should always...

  1. Craft your content. Create clear, concise, and professionally accurate web content that is both usable and accessible. This includes proper grammar, punctuation, and quality of content.
  2. Meet UTMB's minimum web standards, guidelines, and best practices. This includes branding and accessibility requirements and applies to all web content and applications.
  3. Learn and properly use UTMB web tools. Many tools and resources are provided for UTMB web authors, designers, and developers. Failing to do so may compromise quality and introduce security, performance, and/or brand conflicts.
  4. Be sure not to use any unlicensed media or other materials. - i.e. don't steal images from Google. The use of unlicensed protected material is strictly forbidden.
  5. Stay up-to-date. Keep your personal profile and web project(s) registration current and up-to-date.
  6. Review web content on a regular basis. The [required annual content review] is the bare minimum for any and all UTMB web sites. Accuracy and continued refinement of web-based content is key to keeping the web fresh and relevant, even as technology shifts and evolves.
  7. Join the conversation. Reach out and get to know your to web colleagues, like the Internet Technology Committee (ITC), and get involved with web standards and what's next for UTMB's web.

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