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New digital campus map in final stages of development

One component of the Web Reboot that we’ve mentioned but not talked much about is a new interactive digital map. The map is built over the Google Maps platform and offers all the neat features we’ve come to love, including street view, decent aerials, good directions and an intuitive/well-known interface. We parlayed a lot of work we’d done earlier: we’d registered 160 UTMB sites (all clinics, RMCHP, CMC, education) with Google places, and we were able to reuse/crosslink that data for our map. So, that means we have a single tool with all our sites (including tabs for the three campuses), that is responsive/mobile friendly, with an embedded way to generate location specific links and printed maps.

But, what we like the MOST is that the map is managed by a very slick dashboard that gives us the ability to easily add, update or revise any of the content. We’re working on finalizing a few interior floor plans and would love to have at least one tour in place when we go live. We’re getting close and are trying to finalize the tool’s launch as early in January as possible.

Take a spin and let us know what you think, help us identify any problems. But please don’t link to this yet or share with public; this resource will go live at a different URL once we finalize it. Preview the new UTMB map now.

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