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Sitefinity “Work in Progress”

The launch of any new enterprise-level solution often feels like a game of prolonged “whack-a-mole”: you address one issue, and another pops up. The development and launch of Sitefinity has been no different. The small crew that worked/is working to install and manage the new content management system has tackled and resolved some major puzzles. We knew our environment (internal and external presence, dev and production environments, load balanced, CMS and non-CMS sites using a variety of templates, versions and approaches, etc.) would keep things interesting. And they have been, yet the team’s been able to get the job done.

But the moles linger. Right now we’re working on issues with synchronization, load balancing, sharing content across sites, and some authentication. These are important things to have working consistently, and we’re getting good support from the vendor to figure out the best solutions. We’ll get this resolved, and the number one goal is to do it sooner rather than later. We’re still taking requests for new CMS sites, but are holding new ones in a queue until we get these issues worked out (we don’t want people losing work or having to do extra work).

In spite of the occasional pain, we’re still really enthusiastic about the tool and are excited about sharing it widely. Watch for updates, we’ll post them here.

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