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Sitefinity: Update on training, where we are today

This morning we were working with a user new to our CMS, and as we listened to her project needs and were able to rattle off solutions, I caught myself in one of those neat moments of realization. This thing is real, and while there’s still a lot of work to do, an incredible amount has already been done and put in place. As of last Monday, we had about 50 Sitefinity www sites in production, and another seven intranet sites up and running. To the great people on my team, in IS and across the university who’ve contributed to getting us here, THANK YOU.

We’ve  been asked several times about our next round of “in person” classes. As we’re also users of the tool, we’ve shifted gears and are spending several weeks moving a lot of our institutional content into the platform. However, we are planning to schedule additional classes in the second half of May. The dates are not set yet; we may actually do some polling to see what level of class people need/want most.

However, no need to wait. We have some great resources online to help you get started whenever you are ready:

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