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Training survey coming soon

We were planning to host a few additional Sitefinity training sessions in late May, and here we are in June. No one’s come after us with pitchforks yet, so I’m hoping/thinking that the time we spent developing online training materials and videos is paying off. Websites are getting built; there are now more than 75 UTMB sites using Sitefinity, and the number grows each week. However, we know people learn in different ways, and the in-person training is always a great opportunity for members of our web development community to meet each other and talk, and that’s always a bonus.

We’re putting a short survey online to get a better sense of what sort of training people are most interested in. Because training is a “side project” for us and we have our own pages to build and update, we want to be sure we’re aligning our efforts with users’ greatest interests and needs. We’ll post the survey here and send an email message out when it’s ready.

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