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  • Social media site registration coming to UTMB

    December 18, 2015, 17:25 PM by Pep Valdes

    One of the big components of the Web Reboot that we’ve not talked much about in this forum is an overhaul of our social media program. The work’s been running on a parallel track for more than a year; a lot of it is driven by some recommendations that came out of an internal audit done in August of 2014 (summarized here).

    One of the requirements dovetails with a process familiar to web developers: the registration of sites and site owners. We’re going to enhance and put more structure around an existing catalog of the social sites associated with UTMB (You can read moreabout that here, and see the link to register or request a new UTMB-associated social site).

    We’re also going to be working in 2016 to fold/incorporate UTMB’s social media work more cleanly and formally into the Reboot and what we’re doing with “traditional” digital and web projects. The lines blur, and a lot of the same people are involved and share the same objectives. It makes sense.

  • UTMB Social Media Badge

    Social Media and Logo Usage

    November 1, 2013, 12:36 PM by Pep Valdes
    For those of you who manage or are involved with social media projects, we recently made a tweak to our logo usage guidelines specific to social media.  We recognized that in the square image area used for profile pictures by most of the social channels (e.g. the profile photo on Facebook), our rectangular UTMB Health logo was tiny and barely legible. We did a survey of how several similar organizations addressed this, and have developed a mark for social media only that plays off our brand and maximizes its “bull’s eye” aspect.

    Additional information:
    Project contact: Myra McCollum