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  • “Introduction to Sitefinity” now online

    February 2, 2016, 17:36 PM by Pep Valdes

    A high-level introduction for people new to the Sitefinity content management system was hosted Jan. 20. It provided a general project update and overview, defined roles and types of users, and more. The session is now online and may be viewed below:

    Here are meeting materials for your review:

  • New map, provider search tool being introduced today

    New map, provider search tool being introduced today

    February 1, 2016, 17:33 PM by Pep Valdes

    We’re soliciting feedback on a new physician/provider search tool and new interactive campus map. Versions of both are now live and available for your review. Here are details:

    New physician and provider search

    A beta version of a new UTMB Health provider search website is being introduced. The directory current includes nearly 400 providers and features locations, photos, patient ratings and more (additional providers—eventually including residents—will be added).

    • The tool is integrated with a tool already used by faculty, managed by the Provost’s Office. Provider’s data for the search is tied to and will be updated in POWER.
    • The provider ratings are sourced from patient feedback via Press-Ganey surveys; results are published to the provider search site only if the provider has received at least 30 patient reviews in the past 12 months.
    • An extensive keyword list is being refined with input from administrators and faculty. These keywords will allow very granular and targeted searches.
    • The site is mobile device-compatible and compatible with all PC and Mac browsers.
    • This is phase 1 of the project; additional features and capabilities are in development.

    We need and welcome feedback. Send comments or questions about the new search tool to POWER Support.

    New campus map

    A new interactive map featuring all three UTMB campuses and all UTMB locations is also being introduced. It is mobile friendly, searchable, and can be edited in real time by project administrators. The map is built over the very familiar Google Maps platform. Some features users may wish to explore:

    • Use the search to find various UTMB locations.
    • Panoramas and Google Street View are enabled for numerous locations.
    • The map supports interior floorplans and plans exist to add to the ones currently available.
    • Users can get directions or share a view/link to any specific site.
    • The map supports virtual tours; additional tours are being developed.
    • The map can be embedded in existing web sites.

    Please preview the map and send your questions or feedback to

    The new map and directory are part of a web suite of tool and updates that were introduced in May 2015. Called the “Web Reboot,” the larger project includes mobile site templates, web link and spelling validation, a digital image library, new guidelines and page requirements, social media changes, and training and tutorials to support the web development community and those they serve. To learn more about UTMB’s Web Reboot, visit

  • Join us Friday: Sitefinity web content management system

    January 27, 2016, 17:32 PM by Pep Valdes

    A high-level introduction for people new to the system (web publishers and developers) is scheduled for this week, on Friday morning. Here are details:

    Introduction to the Sitefinity CMS
    This one-hour session will provide a general project update and overview, define roles and types of users, show the CMS dashboard and primary tools, and describe the templates, navigation and types of pages and content. It will also outline how to request a new site and direct attendees to additional online information and resources.

    Friday, Jan. 29, 2016
    10-11 a.m.
    Levin Hall South Auditorium 2.222

    Here are the DRAFT meeting materials for your initial review:

    The introduction session is open to anyone and there are no prerequisites or RSVPs required.
    The content management system is part of a larger new web suite of tool and updates that were introduced in May 2015. Called the “Web Reboot,” the project also includes mobile site templates, link and spelling validation, a digital image library, new guidelines and page requirements, social media changes, and training and tutorials to support the web development community and those they serve.

    To learn more about Sitefinity and the Web Reboot, visit

  • Morning Sitefinity session full, few slots open for afternoon

    January 25, 2016, 17:31 PM by Pep Valdes

    Monday morning we filled the last few seats in the morning session for the Feb. 11 Sitefinity Intermediate training. We’ve got a few slots left in the afternoon session, from 1 – 2:30 pm.

    To reserve your a spot, send a message to We’ll send a meeting confirmation once the afternoon session fills.

    Remember, we’re also hosting a general introduction to Sitefinity on Friday, Jan. 29 from 10-11 a.m. in Levin Hall South Auditorium. No reservations required for this introduction.

  • Few seats left for the Feb. 11 hands-on Sitefinity training

    January 21, 2016, 17:29 PM by Pep Valdes

    As I’m writing this, about half of the available seats are available for the intermediate Sitefinity training to be offered on Feb. 11. If you’ve already registered (as of today), you are in; we will send out a group meeting confirmation to all attendees as soon as each of the two sessions closes out.

    To recap what this is: Two 90-minute, hands-on training opportunities with be offered in a small classroom setting with access to PCs. Users with some prior exposure to Sitefinity will have an opportunity to be guided through the use of the tool. Reservations are required and there are prerequisites for attendance: Users should have either attended the introduction or a former Sitefinity demo or already been working in earlier test versions of the tool, and should have reviewed the training materials and instructional videos that are already online.

    Two initial sessions of approximately 15 people each will be hosted; fewer than half the slots remain open.

    Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016
    10:30 a.m. – Noon
    NEW LOCATION: SON/SHP Building, LRC Room 1.808


    Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016
    1 – 2:30 p.m.
    NEW LOCATION: SON/SHP Building, LRC Room 1.808

    To reserve your spot in either of the intermediate sessions, send a message with your preferred time (morning or afternoon) to You will be sent a meeting confirmation.

    Remember, we’re also hosting a general introduction to Sitefinity on Friday, Jan. 29 from 10-11 a.m. in Levin Hall South Auditorium.

  • Social media site registration coming to UTMB

    December 18, 2015, 17:25 PM by Pep Valdes

    One of the big components of the Web Reboot that we’ve not talked much about in this forum is an overhaul of our social media program. The work’s been running on a parallel track for more than a year; a lot of it is driven by some recommendations that came out of an internal audit done in August of 2014 (summarized here).

    One of the requirements dovetails with a process familiar to web developers: the registration of sites and site owners. We’re going to enhance and put more structure around an existing catalog of the social sites associated with UTMB (You can read moreabout that here, and see the link to register or request a new UTMB-associated social site).

    We’re also going to be working in 2016 to fold/incorporate UTMB’s social media work more cleanly and formally into the Reboot and what we’re doing with “traditional” digital and web projects. The lines blur, and a lot of the same people are involved and share the same objectives. It makes sense.

  • Sitefinity “Work in Progress”

    December 17, 2015, 17:22 PM by Pep Valdes

    The launch of any new enterprise-level solution often feels like a game of prolonged “whack-a-mole”: you address one issue, and another pops up. The development and launch of Sitefinity has been no different. The small crew that worked/is working to install and manage the new content management system has tackled and resolved some major puzzles. We knew our environment (internal and external presence, dev and production environments, load balanced, CMS and non-CMS sites using a variety of templates, versions and approaches, etc.) would keep things interesting. And they have been, yet the team’s been able to get the job done.

    But the moles linger. Right now we’re working on issues with synchronization, load balancing, sharing content across sites, and some authentication. These are important things to have working consistently, and we’re getting good support from the vendor to figure out the best solutions. We’ll get this resolved, and the number one goal is to do it sooner rather than later. We’re still taking requests for new CMS sites, but are holding new ones in a queue until we get these issues worked out (we don’t want people losing work or having to do extra work).

    In spite of the occasional pain, we’re still really enthusiastic about the tool and are excited about sharing it widely. Watch for updates, we’ll post them here.

  • Screenshot of the new UTMB digital map

    New digital campus map in final stages of development

    December 17, 2015, 17:17 PM by Pep Valdes

    One component of the Web Reboot that we’ve mentioned but not talked much about is a new interactive digital map. The map is built over the Google Maps  platform and offers all the neat features we’ve come to love, including street view, decent aerials, good directions and an intuitive/well-known interface. We parlayed a lot of work we’d done earlier: we’d registered 160 UTMB sites (all clinics, RMCHP, CMC, education) with Google places, and we were able to reuse/crosslink that data for our map. So, that means we have a single tool with all our sites (including tabs for the three campuses), that is responsive/mobile friendly, with an embedded way to generate location specific links and printed maps.

    But, what we like the MOST is that the map is managed by a very slick dashboard that gives us the ability to easily add, update or revise any of the content. We’re working on finalizing a few interior floor plans and would love to have at least one tour in place when we go live. We’re getting close and are trying to finalize the tool’s launch as early in January as possible.

    Take a spin and let us know what you think, help us identify any problems. But please don’t link to this yet or share with public; this resource will go live at a different URL once we finalize it. Preview the new UTMB map now.