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Work under way on “www,” registration form to be ready next week

Oct 7, 2015, 17:00 PM by Pep Valdes

With the launch of the new iUTMB behind us and everything humming along, there’s a lot of furious work taking place in anticipation of launching the internal home page’s big brother, the responsive, Sitefinity CMS version of the public home page. It’s a complex project with a  lot of moving pieces, we expect to hit snags and—as we’ve done dozens of times in the past year—should be able to bleed and power through them.

While the work on the page launch is taking place, the registration and site request form is being finalized. Our goal is to have that available to users next week. We’re also working on updating some of the documentation and “how to’s”; our change from Foundation to Bootstrap (for the responsive approach) left us with some out-of-date screenshots.

As a reminder, the new iUTMB page may be seen at (Users must be on the UTMB network or VPNed to access; use any modern browser for a full-featured experience.) For comparison, the original iUTMB is still available at The intranet site is behind the firewall and truly internal; the www/iUTMB page is public and will change when we change the public home page. We hit two minor surprises, with images and resources links, when we went live, but both were resolved within an hour.

To see some of the new features, click on the newly relocated alerts or the calendar items. Or, resize your desktop (or visit on your phone if you are on our UTMB network) to see the responsive design in action.

A caveat: if you’re on an old version of the web browser Internet Explorer (IE), you’ll get a clean presentation but none of the bells & whistles or the dynamic resizing. The videos also won’t work, they’re on YouTube which uses HTML 5. Make sure you’re not in “compatibility mode” in any version of IE; it takes you back to IE7/6 and is often on by default. Kudos to Mike Cooper for an incredible amount of work to get the backward compatibility in place. Most companies and organizations have just walked away from old browsers, which wasn’t a good solution for us. If you have an older version of IE (IE 8 or below) and have the option to upgrade to a newer version of IE or install a modern browser such as Firefox, please do so.