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What is this “ITC”?

Jan 30, 2015, 16:29 PM by Pep Valdes

People at large organizations like UTMB love acronyms; for the past couple of years a new one has been circulating, and it’s likely you’ve not heard it. The “ITC” is UTMB’s “Internet Technology Commitee.” It’s a small group set up in 2012 by the former CIO Ralph Farr and the current CIO Todd Leach (who was second in command at the time). The charge is set out in the group’s charter:

The ITC is charged with providing strategic alignment with institutional prioritiesand establishing the policies and guidelines that the university will abide by when developing and updating content targeting patients, students, employees, alumni, donors and other constituents.

This group will ensure there is consistency across mission areas in branding and functionality. Examples of issues and technologies that the ITC will provide guidance on include online branding, web sites, social media, and mobile/tablet device delivery.

The standing members of the group are below, they are frequently joined by others who contribute specific expertise, insights or perspective on different topics:

  • Tonya R. Broussard, Business and Finance
  • Matt Havard, Information Services/B&F
  • Mike J. King, Information Services/B&F
  • Toby Smith, Information Services/B&F
  • Dr. Chris Edwards, Health System
  • Mary Feldhusen, Health System
  • Tim Hilt, Nursing Service/Health System
  • Barb Petit, SOM/Surgery & Orthopaedics
  • Cynde Ferris, SON/Provost
  • Chris Tucker, SON/Provost
  • Mary Jo Singleton, Provost
  • Mark Schultze, Provost
  • Dr. Lindsay Sonstein, SOM/Provost
  • Mike Cooper, Marketing & Communications
  • Melissa Harman, Marketing & Communications
  • Pep Valdes, Marketing & Communications