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  • Hope you can join us today for Web Reboot introduction

    May 12, 2015, 16:12 PM by Pep Valdes

    We’re watching the weather and hoping our 10 am meeting doesn’t coincide with a deluge; we’re looking forward to a great discussion.

    The Reboot will introduce new tools, including a simple-yet-sophisticated web content management system, mobile site templates, link and spelling validation, a digital image library, new guidelines and page requirements, social media changes, and training and tutorials to support the web development community and those they serve. The meeting is today,

    Tuesday, May 12, 2015
    10 to 11 a.m.
    Levin Hall North Auditorium

    The meeting is being hosted by the Internet Technology Committee and will be recorded and rebroadcast.

    We’ve placed the meeting materials online for your review:

  • Meeting to introduce “Web Reboot” set for May 12

    May 1, 2015, 16:10 PM by Pep Valdes

    It’s time. After more than a year of work by a team representing every entity at UTMB, it’s time to share the project widely. Are we totally ready? No. We don’t have all the answers (we don’t have all the questions), which is why this is the perfect time to engage the larger community of campus web developers.

    If this is the first you’ve heard of this, the “Web Reboot” is a multifaceted project a year plus in development. The project was developed and is being presented by the Internet Technology Committee (ITC); it was endorsed by the university’s leadership earlier this year.

    The Reboot will introduce new tools including a simple yet sophisticated web content management system, mobile site templates, link and spelling validation, a digital image library, new guidelines and page requirements, social media changes, and training and tutorials to support the web development community and those they serve.

    The meeting is set for Tuesday, May 12, 2015, from 10 to 11 a.m. in Levin Hall North Auditorium.

    We’ll be providing an overview and starting a discussion. Some of the tools are ready now, some are close, others are still in development.

    The meeting will not be streamed but it will be recorded and rebroadcast. The meeting is open to anyone at UTMB with an interest in Internet technology or development. Hope you can join us.

  • What is the 2015 Web Reboot and how will we learn about it?

    February 24, 2015, 14:32 PM by Pep Valdes

    Led by the ITC, the “Web Reboot” is a multifaceted plan consisting of revamped tools, resources, training and policies designed to elevate and enhance UTMB’s Internet presence. At the heart of the project is an approach that emphasizes collaboration, coordination and shared governance to introduce new efficiencies to the institution’s web development teams, and a better, higher-quality experience for the users of UTMB’s web sites.

    A communication plan maps out the strategies to share the plan, introduce the tools and new policies, and engage participants.

    Communication about the Web Reboot will target three primary audiences:

    1)      Leadership, Managers: Will be offered a high-level overview emphasizing the objectives, strategies and capabilities of the project and its components, the opportunities and potential impact on their respective areas. Will be asked for input, and asked to support implementation. (Mike King and Pep Valdes)

    2)      Web Designers, Authors and Content Contributors: Same as above, although this group will also be shown the actual tools in action, be invited to test and use them, and will be the subjects of more focused and targeted outreach and training around the tools and changes. (Multiple members of the ITC, coordinated by Pep Valdes and Matt Havard)

    3)    Web Developers and Programmers: This group will plan and develop the “back end”: they will install and implement the tools, develop the programming to create functionality, develop modules to be shared with designers, authors and contributors. They will also maintain code and set and maintain programming/development standards. (Mike Cooper, Mark Schultze)    


    Communication about the Web Reboot will take place throughout 2015, starting with leadership and managers. (Jan. – Mar. 2015). Communication to our other two key audiences (designers, authors and content contributors plus web developers and programmers) began in February 2015 and follow parallel, continuous tracks. The bulk of the detailed communication and messaging will be in place and launch by spring 2015, with the implementation/adoption of many the key “Web Reboot” tools, templates and guidelines under way by December 2015.

  • What is this “ITC”?

    January 30, 2015, 16:29 PM by Pep Valdes

    People at large organizations like UTMB love acronyms; for the past couple of years a new one has been circulating, and it’s likely you’ve not heard it. The “ITC” is UTMB’s “Internet Technology Commitee.” It’s a small group set up in 2012 by the former CIO Ralph Farr and the current CIO Todd Leach (who was second in command at the time). The charge is set out in the group’s charter:

    The ITC is charged with providing strategic alignment with institutional prioritiesand establishing the policies and guidelines that the university will abide by when developing and updating content targeting patients, students, employees, alumni, donors and other constituents.

    This group will ensure there is consistency across mission areas in branding and functionality. Examples of issues and technologies that the ITC will provide guidance on include online branding, web sites, social media, and mobile/tablet device delivery.

    The standing members of the group are below, they are frequently joined by others who contribute specific expertise, insights or perspective on different topics:

    • Tonya R. Broussard, Business and Finance
    • Matt Havard, Information Services/B&F
    • Mike J. King, Information Services/B&F
    • Toby Smith, Information Services/B&F
    • Dr. Chris Edwards, Health System
    • Mary Feldhusen, Health System
    • Tim Hilt, Nursing Service/Health System
    • Barb Petit, SOM/Surgery & Orthopaedics
    • Cynde Ferris, SON/Provost
    • Chris Tucker, SON/Provost
    • Mary Jo Singleton, Provost
    • Mark Schultze, Provost
    • Dr. Lindsay Sonstein, SOM/Provost
    • Mike Cooper, Marketing & Communications
    • Melissa Harman, Marketing & Communications
    • Pep Valdes, Marketing & Communications
  • A look back and a look ahead

    January 27, 2015, 16:13 PM by Pep Valdes
    There’s some rumbling underfoot in the UTMB Web World, and it’s not the “Big Dig” that has streets torn up around campus for the work on utilities and infrastructure. We (Internet Technology Committee) have been working quietly but steadily in the background, assessing tools, acquiring new capabilities, building the digital web equivalent of the robust infrastructure that the construction teams are burying under campus. Many of you have seen or heard about bits and pieces of it: mobile templates, inventory tool, site checking capabilities, image library, a new CMS. Now it’s almost time to reveal the entire package. While we can’t squeeze it all in a single post, we can share an infographic that summarizes 2014 and lays the groundwork for 2015 and beyond.

    Infographic of ITC Web Update and Goals
  • Sitefinity web content management system sessions scheduled for Jan. 29, Feb. 11

    January 15, 2015, 17:27 PM by Pep Valdes

    In the coming weeks, members of the Internet Technology Committee will be presenting additional information about UTMB’s new web content management system, Sitefinity. Two types of sessions are planned: a high-level introduction for people new to the system, and two ninety-minute, hands-on workshops for those who have had some initial experience with the tool or attended one of the 2015 sessions.

    Here are dates and details:

    1) Introduction to the Sitefinity CMS

    This one-hour session will provide a general project update and overview, define roles and types of users, show the CMS dashboard and primary tools, and describe the templates, navigation and types of pages and content. It will also outline how to request a new site and direct attendees to additional online information and resources.

    Friday, Jan. 29, 2016
    10-11 a.m.
    Levin Hall South Auditorium 2.222

    The introduction session is open to anyone and there are no prerequisites or RSVPs required.

     2) Working w/ Sitefinity (Intermediate Training)

    Two 90-minute, hands-on training opportunities with be offered in a small classroom setting with access to PCs. Users with some prior exposure to Sitefinity will have an opportunity to be guided through the use of the tool. Reservations are required and there are prerequisites for attendance: Users should have either attended the introduction or a former Sitefinity demo or already been working in earlier test versions of the tool, and should have reviewed the training materials and instructional videosthat are already online.

    Initially, two sessions of approximately 15 people each will be hosted.

    Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016
    10:30 a.m. – Noon
    NEW LOCATION: SON/SHP Building, LRC Room 1.808


    Thursday, Feb. 11, 2016
    1 – 2:30 p.m.
    NEW LOCATION: SON/SHP Building, LRC Room 1.8088

    To reserve your spot in either of the intermediate sessions, send a message with your preferred time (morning or afternoon) to You will be sent a meeting confirmation.

    The content management system is part of a larger new web suite of tool and updates that were introduced in May 2015. Called the “Web Reboot,” the project also includes mobile site templates, link and spelling validation, a digital image library, new guidelines and page requirements, social media changes, and training and tutorials to support the web development community and those they serve.

    To learn more about Sitefinity and the Web Reboot, visit, or explore this blog.

  • Congratulations to UTMB’s 2014 MCPs!

    Congratulations to UTMB’s 2014 MCPs!

    March 11, 2014, 16:07 PM by Michael Cooper

    Congratulations and great job to all of the UTMB web developers who earned their MCPcertification by completing the grueling two week MCSD boot camp training course and exams. We know it was two solid weeks of long days, hard work and a lot of very strong, black coffee. Great work, all! And a special round of thanks to our gracious hosts, MCSD trainer, Alan Tang and CTREC/Hilton. Go Red Team!

    Pictured L to R: (back row) Roger Cooley, John Gibson, Toby Smith, Michael Seymour, T. Mathew, Chris King, Gary Cowan, Lance Hoang, Mike Cooper (front row) Anirban Chakrabarty, Ashley West, Alan Tang, Mark Thompson, Prasanth Manukonda, Jim Koppe, Titus Wiggins (not pictured) Nancy Stokes

  • UTMB Social Media Badge

    Social Media and Logo Usage

    November 1, 2013, 12:36 PM by Pep Valdes
    For those of you who manage or are involved with social media projects, we recently made a tweak to our logo usage guidelines specific to social media.  We recognized that in the square image area used for profile pictures by most of the social channels (e.g. the profile photo on Facebook), our rectangular UTMB Health logo was tiny and barely legible. We did a survey of how several similar organizations addressed this, and have developed a mark for social media only that plays off our brand and maximizes its “bull’s eye” aspect.

    Additional information:
    Project contact: Myra McCollum