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UTMB Women's Leadership Network

The WLN is committed to increasing the number of women in administrative, executive and faculty leadership positions by:

  • Encouraging networks
  • Strengthening business acumen, and
  • Addressing gender disparity

Purpose: Developing, advancing and supporting women who hold or aspire to leadership roles in higher education.

  1. Lead/engage/build awareness of the importance of achieving parity and to suggest practices aimed at achieving the goal of equal representation of women in senior leadership positions in AHCs.
  2. Promote the idea of leadership as a way for women to make a positive difference.
  3. Serve as a network. Recognizing that none of us succeeds alone, we emerge as leaders through the result of many relationships and the networks we build.
  4. Focus on topics related to the success, support or promotion of women in AHCs.

A Communication Exchange Project aimed to raise awareness of gender-related issues for women aspiring for leadership.


Moving the Needle: Advancing Women in Higher Education Leadership

UTS 2018 Sponsorship Workshop - Developing Future Women Leaders in The UT System

Improving Networks for the Advancement of UTMB SOM Women and Minority Faculty

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