Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 06/10/06 The Teen Health Center operates free clinics at several schools in the county in association with the University of Texas Medical Branch. The clinics, which offer free medical treatments and confidential HIV testing to any school or college student up to age 22, are at Ball High School and Central and Weis middle schools in Galveston, at La Marque High School and at Blocker Middle School in Texas City. Only one of these clinics — at Ball High — offers a service through which a student, with a signed permission slip from a parent or guardian, can obtain a condom. “Somehow, some people’s perception is that we’re only a sex or STD clinic, and we’re telling (students) to go out and have sex or make it easier for them,” said Richard Rupp of UTMB, the teen centers’ medical director. “But clinic visits related to STDs or pregnancy only represent about 2 percent of what we do. We promote healthy lifestyles with the goal of having students not miss school.”