Rod Welsh, a physical therapist at UTMB, learned from the American Physical Therapy Association of the need for therapists to help the injured in Haiti. Colleagues told him about Project Medishare at the University of Miami, which organized twice-weekly flights to Haiti for medical volunteers. Working mostly with injured children during his week in Haiti, Welsh said: “We saw children with head injuries and broken bones that weren’t healing because of the lack of antibiotics and the appalling living conditions. Many of the children had significant needs, but we knew that follow-up care was very limited. Whatever we could give them was probably better health care than they would have received otherwise.” Welsh, who’s working on his doctorate in rehabilitation sciences offered jointly by the School of Health Professions and the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, encourages other medical professionals to volunteer. John Koloen of UTMB’s Office of Public Affairs wrote this article.

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