At UTMB, students, family and friends celebrated Match Day in Levin Hall and established a jackpot for one lucky student. As students were called to the front of the auditorium at random to pick up their “match” envelope, they tossed a dollar into a bowl. The last student called - Arielle Capers - got to keep the cash. She’ll use the money to fly home to California and visit her younger sister who was critically injured by a drunk driver and suffered severe memory loss four days prior to Match Day (read the full story here). “Now I get to go home and hug her and help her remember bits and pieces of her life, and for that I am grateful to my fellow medical students,” Capers said. Dr. Garland Anderson praised the students for their hard work. UTMB’s class of 2010 includes 221 students, of which 199 are Texans. Class members also come from 15 other states, Egypt and Nigeria.