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Walking is easiest way to improve physical health, mood

Galveston County Daily News, September 15, 2010

Cardiovascular workouts like running and cycling can provide huge benefits, but they’re not the only path to burning fat, wrote UTMB’s Dr. Jeff Temple and Ben Seidensticker, a summer undergraduate research program scholar, in this guest column. “A lower-intensity workout like walking can, through time, reduce your stress and help you meet those very same weight loss and fitness goals. In addition to burning calories, a walking habit can work as an appetite suppressor and a daily metabolism booster. Daily walks even have been shown to reduce risks for heart disease, diabetes and cancer. … Galveston is waking up to the usefulness of the walk. Right now, a massive campaign is under way to get communities and schools passionate about walking. On Sept. 25, there will be a Galveston Walks! event starting at 10 a.m. at the following new Hope Mile walking locations: Rosenberg, San Jacinto, Morgan, Ball-Scott, Central Renaissance Zones, St. Vincent’s House and the McGuire-Dent Recreational Center.”


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