Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 06/22/06 Letter to the Editor: If the University of Texas Medical Branch is so desperate for money (The Daily News, June 21), maybe it should look at selling some of the numerous Galveston properties it owns. UTMB owns millions upon millions of dollars worth of property, along with Moody Gardens, I might add, that the city doesn’t collect a dime on. All of these tax-exempt properties place a huge burden on the taxpaying citizens of Galveston. While UTMB and Moody Gardens are undoubtedly large contributors to the island economy, it comes with a cost. Due to this tax-exempt status, the city must run the daily operations with taxes collected on less than 50 percent of the island’s properties. Need money, UTMB? How about selling the apartment complex on Ferry Road, the Sealy mansion and the parking lot on Seawall Boulevard? That’s a quick $10 million right there. Not to mention the huge favor you will be doing for the taxpayers of Galveston.