Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 06/28/06 Letter to the Editor: I have attempted on at least two occasions to obtain care at University of Texas Medical Branch, both to no avail. One time, I called to try to get an appointment at the clinic for my high blood pressure for which I had no more medication. I was told I had to be referred by a physician. I asked how did they presume I pay this physician, as I had no job and no income. The person there told me she did not know. I asked if she could offer any suggestions at all, and she also said she did not know. It seems the people who follow the rules get nowhere in this country. The illegals and welfare recipients have certainly figured a way around those rules. The Daily News prints articles frequently about how wonderful the UTMB facility is and all it does for the community. That is simply not the way it is.