Galveston County Daily News (Internet / Print) 07/10/06

Senior citizens and all patients of University of Texas Medical Branch need more pertinent and personal information about the future of our health care status with our medical branch. Dr. John Stobo, UTMB’s president, at a campus town meeting last March, announced hiring Navigant Consulting “to help us better understand how we can become more productive, increase our revenue and reduce our costs to achieve our financial goals.” You don’t have to be a paranoid old man to surmise that our senior citizens’ health care will be the first program affected, especially remembering something similar being perpetrated by UTMB after 1998-99 when, in addressing another monetary shortfall, UTMB summarily canceled its HMO contract with more than 3,000 senior citizen members. If my health care scenario hits close to home, then every patient served by UTMB needs to find out the facts about the future of his or her own health care by calling his or her doctor’s office at UTMB.