Beaumont Enterprise  (Internet) 07/16/06 On Tuesday morning, Beaumont residents Soussan Ataya and her daughter Ramona, 21, were vacationing with family in Beirut, Lebanon. With soaring mountains, cedar trees and memorable golden beaches along the Mediterranean Sea, the city is known as the Paris of the Middle East. By Friday, they had evacuated to their mountain home, were scared, unsure what action to take and were surviving in a house with 50 other evacuees. Scores of civilians had died, many more were injured, the airport was hit and closed, roads were bombed, power plants had been destroyed and communications throughout the country were cut. Dr. Raja H. Ataya, a Beaumont pediatrician, gave the vacation to his daughter as a gift before she begins medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch this year. He's concerned about the safety of his wife and daughter.