Houston Chronicle  (Internet) 07/15/06 http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/metropolitan/4047763.html A mentally ill person who believes God is ordering him to commit a crime is insane "if a person is of a faith that God is good and infallible," a forensic psychiatrist testified today during Andrea Yates' second murder trial. But Yates, who believed Satan wanted her to drown her five children in the bathtub, knew that her actions were wrong and therefore is not legally insane, Dr. Park Dietz said. In addition to his videotaped interviews with Yates, parts of which were shown to jurors Thursday, Dietz said he reviewed her medical records and criminal case file. He said he also reviewed records from her stay in July 2004 at the University of Texas Medical Branch Hospital in Galveston. (This Associated Press story has run widely throughout the states on TV and in Print.)