Jeff Temple, an associate professor and director of behavioral health and research at UTMB, has been named vice chairman of a new state task force on domestic violence. Temple, a psychologist in UTMB’s Ob/Gyn department, specializes in the study and treatment of intimate partner violence. The formation of a new Texas Health and Human Services Commission Task Force on Domestic Violence is the result of Texas House Bill 2620, which was signed into law in June 2013. It calls for measures to examine and address the impact of domestic violence on the health of women and children during pregnancy through the first two years of life and to help health care providers identify signs of domestic abuse. “The physical and emotional trauma caused by domestic violence can have terrible ripple effects that permeate families and communities,” said Temple. “This task force is going to come up with concrete ways to make a difference. I am very excited about the potential of our work to turn around thousands of families’ lives.”