Sitting all day at work isn’t just bad for your employees’ health, it’s also bad for your bottom line. Treadmill-equipped walking desks, standing desks and high-quality office chairs have become the norm, despite the extra costs — a treadmill desk can run up to $5,000 — when it comes to office furniture. Doug Paddon-Jones, associate professor of physical therapy at UTMB, said cubicle dwellers need to move more. He transitioned his work-life to a special stand-up desk, eschewing a chair for at least six hours every day. His colleague, Dr. Elena Volpi, who is a professor of internal medicine, neuroscience and cell biology and director of the Claude D. Pepper Older Americans Independence Center at UTMB, agreed with the dangers of all-day sitting. “Inactivity is a major contributor to many common ailments, including obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer,” she said. “All these bad outcomes can be prevented by increasing physical activity and maintaining a normal weight.” [Note: Paid subscription required. Contact Marketing and Communications for details.]