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Monday, March 24, 11:03am News Highlights

BioNews Texas, March 24, 2014

Continuing coverage: A team of scientists at UTMB recently investigated a new way to treat multiple forms of dementia, such as Alzheimer’s and chronic traumatic encephalopathy. Inside the brain cells of dementia patients, “tau protein,” which is normally involved in microtuble... more »

Monday, March 24, 11:01am News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, March 24, 2014

Friday was Match Day at medical schools across the country — a day when senior medical students are informed of where they will perform their residencies. Because the students are required to work at the hospital to which they are matched, Match Day is often more important to UTMB seniors than... more »

Monday, March 24, 10:57am News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, March 23, 2014

UTMB’s Andrea Wirt and Helen Appelberg answer questions about dementia and offer advice. “What can families do to bring spiritual comfort to their loved ones with dementia?” Appelberg: Those with dementia enjoy attending their place of worship and being part of their church family.... more »

Monday, March 24, 9:19am News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, March 24, 2014

A new magnet program at Ball High School, with up to 150 students, will feature laboratory and clinical sequences designed to provide students with competitive advantages that far surpass standard high school programs. Students will be required to take pre-advanced placement and advanced placement... more »

Friday, March 21, 2:50pm News Highlights

Scientific American, April 1, 2014 - (Link unavailable)

At first, people infected with the Ebola virus appear to have the flu — fever, chills, muscle aches. Then the bleeding begins. As the virus hijacks cells throughout the body to make copies of itself, it overwhelms and damages the liver, lungs, spleen and blood vessels. Within days organs begin... more »

Friday, March 21, 2:48pm News Highlights

Business Standard, March 20, 2014

Researchers have discovered a new method that may halt the progression of dementia caused by accumulation of a protein known as tau. Normally, tau protein is involved in microtubule formation, which acts as a brain cell's transportation system for carrying nutrients in and waste out. In the absence... more »

Friday, March 21, 2:38pm News Highlights

Men’s Health, March 20, 2014

While you probably consider yourself normal, your penis could be seen as strange to another guy—like your urogolist. You may have always had a gentle bend but it may be more pronounced lately or you may be feeling some hardness or firmness under the skin — like a dime or... more »

Thursday, March 20, 11:08am News Highlights

Texas Medical Center News, March 20, 2014

David W. Niesel has been named vice president and dean of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences at UTMB. He has been interim VP and dean in the GSBS since September 2013. Niesel, who has been at UTMB since 1983, holds the J.P. Saunders Professorship in Graduate Biomedical Sciences and the... more »

Thursday, March 20, 11:07am News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, March 19, 2014

In the latest Keeping Kids Healthy column by UTMB Drs. Sally Robinson and Keith Bly: Thirty seconds of exposure to water at 130 degrees will cause a third-degree burn. This means that children and the elderly who cannot move out of hot water quickly or can’t feel the heat will be burned... more »

Thursday, March 20, 11:05am News Highlights

Texas Medical Center News, March 20, 2014

Continuing coverage: A collaborative effort involving UTMB and three other entities aims to develop vaccines and treatments for the Ebola and Marburg viruses with the help of a federal grant worth up to $26 million. The National Institutes of Health awarded UTMB, Profectus Biosciences, Tekmira... more »

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Displaying 31 - 40 of 6,828 Records   (Page: 4 of 683)
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