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Monday, March 19, 1:25pm News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, March 17, 2007 The University of Texas Medical Branch is trying to solve a problem with grackles. But experts say some steps to control them could damage the environment. In East Texas, They Have Ways With Grackles. In regards to "Bird-doo solution a don't, expert says"... more »

Monday, March 19, 1:24pm News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, March 18, 2007 GALVESTON - The Galveston County Commissioners Court is working to increase the quality and availability of medical care for indigent and non-indigent jail inmates by combining the separate funds used to pay for these services, officials said. "What we are... more »

Monday, March 19, 1:23pm News Highlights

Los Angeles Times, March 19, 2007 GALVESTON, Texas - An unusually large number of dead bottlenose dolphins have washed ashore near this Gulf of Mexico coastal city in the past month, and investigators are looking at laboratory slides, satellite photos and anything else they can think of in their... more »

Friday, March 16, 3:36pm ColumnsNews Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, March 15, 2007 By Sally Robinson and Keith Bly In a continuation of our discussion on sports injuries from last week, we need to remind parents that there are other more serious types of injuries that occur in sports-related accidents; these are head injuries and blunt... more »

Friday, March 16, 3:24pm News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, March 16, 2007 GALVESTON - Plenty of things test the nerve of medical school students - grueling hours memorizing anatomy and biochemistry, the constant possibility of failure and handling all those cadavers. But when it comes to the ultimate pressure, "Match... more »

Thursday, March 15, 12:38pm News Highlights

Houston Chronicle, March 15, 2007 AUSTIN - Under pressure from the Legislature, Gov. Rick Perry announced Wednesday that the Texas Youth Commission board will resign amid new criminal allegations involving TYC staff and revelations that the juvenile corrections health care system is in shambles.... more »

Thursday, March 15, 12:37pm News Highlights

Dallas Morning News, March 15, 2007 AUSTIN - Lawmakers on a joint House-Senate committee tackling the Texas Youth Commission investigation heard Wednesday about problems with health care at the state's juvenile prisons. Jay Kimbrough, the special master overseeing the investigation, told the panel... more »

Thursday, March 15, 12:36pm News Highlights

KEYE-TV Austin CBS 42, March 15, 2007 AUSTIN -- Special Master Jay Kimbrough, appointed to oversee the investigation of the troubled Texas Youth Commission (TYC), testified Wednesday -- explaining that he was trying to keep representatives and senators in the loop on key issues and methods involved... more »

Wednesday, March 14, 10:23am News Highlights

Health Day News, March 13, 2007 A dose of the prescription sleep aid had the opposite effect on one French woman, awakening her from a two-year coma. The 48-year-old woman suffered from akinetic mutism -- a sort of persistent coma in which the patient is alert but can neither speak nor move. She had... more »

Wednesday, March 14, 10:22am News Highlights

Brazosport Facts, March 14, 2007 ANGLETON - Like increasing the number of minutes in a cell phone plan, Brazoria County Commissioners on Tuesday unanimously approved a new contract for inmate medical care to avoid high overage charges. The contract with the University of Texas Medical Branch, which... more »

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Displaying 5881 - 5890 of 6,834 Records   (Page: 589 of 684)
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