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Wednesday, November 29, 12:38pm News Highlights

Galveston Daily News, Nov. 29, 2006 By Sally Robinson and Keith Bly The skin is a wonderful covering to have for our bodies. It’s soft to the touch and sensitive to a range of emotions through touch. If you cut it, it immediately... more »

Tuesday, November 28, 9:14am News Highlights

Associated Press, Nov. 28, 2006 HOUSTON—Robert Durst, the New York real estate heir who cut up his neighbor’s dead body and then dumped it in Galveston Bay, completes his parole on Wednesday and wants to get away from the spotlight, his... more »

Tuesday, November 28, 9:13am News Highlights

Galveston County Daily News, Nov. 28, 2006 According to the Texas Education Agency, 66.4 percent of Galveston public-school children are economically disadvantaged, 11 percent more than the average for Texas as a whole. For that glaring reason, there... more »

Tuesday, November 28, 9:13am News Highlights

The Beaumont Enterprise, Nov. 28, 2006 The effectiveness of the drugs is not known and there won't be enough for everyone. But with the help of the federal government, Jefferson and Hardin counties... more »

Monday, November 27, 12:35pm News Highlights

Conroe Courier, Nov. 22, 2006A disaster can strike at any time, which is why the Montgomery County Disaster Recovery Task Force is revamping its disaster response plan for future emergencies. The task force, a group of volunteer, nonprofit and faith-based organizations, updated its disaster response... more »

Monday, November 27, 12:34pm News Highlights

Houston Chronicle, Nov. 22, 2006 Men thinking about asking their doctor for some pharmacological help in the bedroom may need to worry more about their hearts than their sex lives. As new research shows the cause of erectile dysfunction is... more »

Monday, November 27, 12:33pm News Highlights

Dallas Morning News Editorial, Nov. 24, 2006 It took a grotesque discovery to finally prove to Texas prison medical personnel that young inmate Charles Billops Jr. wasn't faking... more »

Monday, November 27, 12:31pm News Highlights

Dallas Morning News, Nov. 26, 2006  The cost of transporting Dallas County jail inmates to Parkland Memorial Hospital has exploded in the past year as a result of increased trips and higher transport rates, according to county invoices and officials. With adequate medical facilities at the... more »

Wednesday, November 22, 10:58am News Highlights

Galveston Daily News, November 22, 2006 By Sally Robinson and Keith Bly Many adults know what it’s like to have headaches, but children also get them. In fact, by the age of 5, 25 percent of children have had at least one headache,... more »

Wednesday, November 22, 10:57am News Highlights

Texas Medicine, December 2006 issue (available by subscription only) Five Texas medical schools made this year’s list of top 10 medical schools for Hispanics as rated by Hispanic business magazine. The University of Texas Medical School at San Antonio ranked... more »

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Displaying 6141 - 6150 of 6,852 Records   (Page: 615 of 686)
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