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UTMB Pediatric Residency Program Curriculum

We are aware that some of these documents are out of date.  Goal has been set to update these by June 15th. We apologize for inconveniences.



INDIVIDUAL CURRICULUM COMPONENTS - linked below, click on the name of the component
Detailed curricula for each curriculum component are linked below, each with administrative details, educational activities/schedules, goals and objectives, and instructions for self-assessment. Residents are expected to review each curriculum component, self-evaluate, and set personal goals.

Residents are expected to confirm the curriculum for each rotation in New Innovations. For more information click here.
Adolescent Medicine Rupp PGY1
Behavioral-Developmental Pediatrics Mize PGY2
Child Abuse & Neglect ("ABC") Sarpong PGY2
Continuity Practice:  PGY1  PGY2  PGY3 Beach PGY1, 2, 3 longitudinal
Emergency Pediatrics Mileski PGY2, 3
General Inpatient Pediatric:  Intern  Upper Level (days or nights) Gerik PGY1, PGY2,3
Health & Development (normal development, well-child care) Niebuhr PGY1
Newborn Nursery:  Intern   Upper Level Nights Geary PGY1, PGY2,3
Same Day Sarpong PGY1
Surgery for Primary Care Hairfield PGY1
Urgent Care:  PGY1   PGY2 & PGY3 Murray PGY1, 2, 3
AAID (Allergy/Asthma/Immunology/Dermatology) Goldblum core elective
Cardiology Aly core elective
Endocrinology Lee core elective
Hematology-Oncology Hooda required PGY3
Genetics Ray core elective
Infectious Diseases J. Patel core elective
Neonatology - ISCU (Infant Special Care Unit): PGY1   PGY2   PGY3 Geary required PGY1,2,3
Nephrology Balachandra core elective
Neurology Dreyer core elective
Pediatric Intensive Care  (PICU):   Texas Children's, Driscoll Children's   required
Radiology Swischuk elective
Communications (in Blackboard) (nothing posted here) Mize PGY1
Professionalism Niebuhr/Beach PGY1 longitudinal
Research Bourne/Hairfield PGY1, 2, 3 longitudinal
School Health Rogers PGY2 longitudinal
Board Review Series Sanchez PGY1,2,3
Grand Rounds / Mortality-Morbidity Conferences Rogers PGY1,2,3
Morning Report Chief Resident PGY1,2,3
Core Curriculum Conferences Chief Resident PGY1,2,3

1 RC guidelines read: The program must possess a written statement that outlines its educational goals with respect to the knowledge, skills, and other attributes of residents for each major assignment and for each level of the program. This statement must be distributed to residents and faculty, and must be reviewed with residents prior to their assignments.

If you identify errors on this page, or if curriculum directors wish to make any changes in the posted curricula, contact Virginia Niebuhr.
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