Routes of Water Loss

Water loss from the body is said to be either "sensible" or "insensible". You must have heard these terms before. What do they mean?

"Sensible" loss is loss that can be perceived by the senses and can be measured. If you've lost it, you know you've lost it!

"Insensible" losses can neither be perceived nor measured directly. You've lost it, but you don't know that you've lost it (and, of course, you do not know how much you have lost...)

Urine, of course is a "sensible" loss - it can be seen, felt, and measured!

Respiratory loss is an insensible loss. This is water that is used to humidify inspired air and is then breathed out as water vapor. What is the other major insensible route of water loss? Check out the cards below. Note: water loss in normal stool is inconsequential.

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