The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting and on-boarding new members, retaining members, and working with the communications committee to promote APA.

  • Chair- Constance Gonzales
  • Co-Chair- Rob Risely
  • Hospitality Sub- Committee Chair- Lori Boston
  • Retirees Representative- Florence McMillian

If interested in joining this committee, please contact: Constance Gonzales


The Communications Committee is responsible for Publicity/Marketing of the organization, monthly newsletter, website, campus representatives, photographers, video conferencing for monthly meetings and preserving historical material.

  • Chair-Kathleen Collins
  • Webmaster- Vacant
  • Video conferencing- Luis Alvarado
  • Marketing- Vacant
  • Social Media- Valerie Rodecap
  • Campus Representatives:
    • Access Center- Kelli Hannis
    • Angleton Campus- Denise Leitch
    • Alvin-
    • Clear Lake Campus-
    • Dickinson-
    • Friendswood-
    • Lake Jackson-
    • League City/Victory Lake- Rashmi Nair
    • Texas City-
    • Texas City, PCP Internal Medicine-
  • Members
    • Margaret Cuellar

If interested in joining this committee, please contact: Kathleen Collins


The Operations Committee ensures efficient operation of the APA which includes coordinating the monthly luncheons (meetings), schedule speakers/presentations that will focus on personal and professional growth, and prepare and print the programs for our monthly luncheons (meetings).

  • Chair- Karen Andrews-Mack
  • Co Chair- Lisa Romero
  • Programs Sub Committee- Vacant
  • Members 
    • Robert Risley
    • Valerie Rodecap
    • Ariel Puente
    • Shirvonne Pope

If interested in joining this committee, please contact: Karen Andrews-Mack or Lisa Romero


Community Outreach:

The Community Outreach Committee plans and leads various social events throughout the year, including annual service activities and membership appreciation events. It also assists the Operations Committee as needed. 

  • Chair- Rawan Harirah
  • Co-Chair- Open Position
  • Members
    • Laura Lindsey
If interested in joining this committee, contact: Rawan Harirah
The Fundraising Committee raises monies for membership approved projects and philanthropy efforts, determines fundraising activities.  
  • Chair- Danielle Laird
  • Co Chair-Cynthia Castaneda
  • Members
    • Lori Ellis

If interested in joining this committee, contact: Danielle Laird