Mental HealthCorrectional Managed Care

Mission Statement
UTMB Correctional Managed Care Mental Health Services is committed to providing the highest quality in mental health treatment to inmates living within the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

UTMB-Correctional Managed Care Mental Health Services provides a comprehensive program of mental health services to mentally disordered persons housed in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice institutions. Toward this mission, Mental Health Services:

  • Fully embraces the managed care philosophy by emphasizing patient education, wellness programs and relapse prevention.
  • Seeks to recruit and retain highly qualified mental health clinicians and to provide ongoing advanced professional training and continuing education.
  • Implements a comprehensive Quality Improvement/Quality Management Program to ensure compliance with policies and contemporary standards of proactive
  • Provides outreach, liaison and other social services to patients, their families and advocates, as well as to members of agencies and entities representing the interests of the general public.
  • Utilizes modern technology to deliver services to remote locations, improve the speed and quality of documentation, enhance monitoring ability and to measure treatment effectiveness.

The Mental Health Services Department is a multi-disciplined department offering a wide range of services to all inmates under the care of UTMB-CMC. Services include group psychotherapy, individual psychotherapy, psychometric/psychological assessments, crisis intervention counseling, psychopharmacology, inpatient hospitalization, psychiatric evaluations, telepsychiatry and other services based on the needs of the patients.

Mental Health Services ensures that quality treatment is provided through multiple levels of quality assurances checks, peer review, and utilization review. It is the mission of our department to be inclusive in the provision of services and to properly train and supervise our staff to provide these services in a quality and cost efficient manner. For more information, please explore the following areas:


  • Outpatient Inmate Services
  • Inpatient Hospitals and Patient Service
  • Developmentally Disabilities Program
  • Administrative Segregation Interventions
  • Employee Training Programs

The challenging field of correctional mental health care has many opportunities for health care professionals. If you are considering employment with CMC, click here to view current vacancies by visiting the UTMB jobline.